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The hexagons are milder forms of curses where the effect is not quite devastating, but it works by attaching to the aura of the person on whom the hexagon is supposed to work. The person remains in control of it and made the most detestable things he could never imagine doing if he were in a complete sense. There are certain objects and things that can be cleaned. The use of such objects are sure to bring harm to anyone.
Curses are the most dangerous results of the Black magic. They work by mixing with the blood of people and their effects are strong and durable enough and sometimes they even affect generations. There are places and positions in the world who are supposed to be cursed. For example, it was believed that the position of President of ÉtatsBlack magicUnis was cursed. It has been said that the presidents who came to power in years divisible by 20 were under the threat of life. Then there was a coastal place called Australia Babinda who was cursed and so they took the lives of male travelers in this region.
There are a number of interesting facts about the spells, hexes and curses.
When you really dig into the many spells that make up the Black magic voodoo, do not be surprised to find your mind numb. There's so much to learn, how one starts on land. It is impossible to go all alone in every detail, but by reading this article you will find an introduction to what to do before going ahead and acquiring Voodoo spells knowledge.
1. Framework of the Spirit.
Your concentration should be absolutely focused because it takes a lot of commitment and work to learn Voodoo spells. So if you get tired, you will not learn as much as you Could if your energy is up.
Before you start learning assurezBlack magicvous you are rested and your concentration is at its peak.
There are certain times of the day when this is the case, discover when you reach the highest point of concentration.
2. White or Black Magic Black magic!
These two categories should not be confused. Instead, learn a set before learning the next. This is explained by the diversity of practices and mentalities in.
The black Black magic, if properly completed, can be dangerous, while the Black magic is simple and less risky, if bad things have to happen.
3. Plan well in advance!
Having all items with you, including dolls, powder, pins, etc.
You want to be prepared not to seek ceuxBlack magicci continuously while you should rather be focused to enter the process.
4. Start with the easy spells and when you feel you are making progress, go to the next level in difficulty.
Black spells are incredibly difficult, so for this reason, when you feel more confident, there is a better chance that things are going okay.

Voodoo has always been a source of fascination for people and especially now with so many people who want to learn spells of voodoo. Because the popular media, people have been misinformed about what voodoo, assuming it is a cult as it is essentially a religion like Christianity or the Jedi.
In this article I will discuss Voodoo fact from fiction caused by the media.
1. Hollywood.
The fault is Bela Lugosi, his 1944 film "Voodoo Man". Is predictable at best, with voodoo dolls and black magic white. There's good and bad in everything, Voodoo also has the Black magic! And, just as common, its just not talking because it's not quite notorious.
2. Encore Une Fois Hollywood!
Hollywood loves laissezBlack magicnous know there is only one type of Voodoo, which can be found in one place in the world, but saviezBlack magicvous there is more than one type of Voodoo. In fact, you will find Voodoo in Louisiana, Haitian (Vodou) and West Africa (Vodun).
This is the kind of voodoo that people recognize the most likely, although his hideously gets the wrong impression.
3. Black magic Black Voodoo.
It is true that most people are more interested in "things" negative rather than positive reasons. And the same is true for the media if his writings or film. The Black magic Black is what attracts people to voodoo. RappelezBlack magicvous ago of Black magic.
For example, when a child is feeding ducks, very few people bother to notice, and yet people clearly notice that the major traffic accident happens and everyone s 'stopped.
The fact is that evil seems more interesting than good

What feriezBlack magicvous if you love your partner very much and want to rekindle the passion in your relationship? Rather than simply pray that the relationship does not take the southern route, it certainly makes sense to cast a spell of love. These love spells were often used by people of yore to cement a relationship or attract someone of the opposite sex.
There are different types of spells and assurezBlack magicvous to choose the right spell to get the desired result. For example, if you want to induce passion and romance in a relationship, a red spell works fine. Red is a color that is deeply associated with sexuality, fertility and love. For those looking to cement their relationship or are unsure of their relationship, a liaison works out quite well. But if a simple love spell is what you want, a pink fate would be the right choice. There are lots of simple and complex spells. While simple spells use simple techniques are used to achieve simple goals, complex spells are a combination of multiple spells are used to achieve multiple objectives.
Some suggest throwing more than one spell. While the first spell can plant a seed of hope, the different fates of emotion.
You can either run these spells vousBlack magicmême or seek help from genuine spellcasters. Although there is no harm in using your own energy to cast a spell of love (actually, witches recommend), it is important that the lot is done correctly. In addition, there are many websites that cast spells free.
Before you cast a spell of love, it is important to determine if the other person agrees to be in the relationship. Because if he does not want to be in the relationship, the negative energy created turns against the person inducing love spell.
It has become very common witchcraft is seen in a negative light. While it is true that there are witches and wizards who have brought a bad name to the practice, blaming all the art is hardly justified. In fact, the witches are divided into two groups: the black witch or witches who practice black magic white, and white witches who practice Black magic.
In addition to cast love spells, witches also help people to get rid of disease, achieve success in life, and to revitalize themselves. Witchcraft is practiced for centuries and is part of almost all religions. Today, most witches practice the ancient pagan religion called Wicca and believe in the power of the self and the power of nature as opposed to other religions who worship the gods. This is peutBlack magicêtre this belief that made them unpopular.

Witchcraft can make you money, good health and protection against evil. The different perspectives of witchcraft include Black magic, Wicca, black magic white, the Black magic and witch spells. Wicca is based on witchcraft and is regarded as a balanced and peaceful lifestyle. Wiccans believe in the way our ancestors lived and worshiped. Wicca witchcraft can help you overcome the curses of evil and help you meet your needs. Some principles and values ​​are followed by Wiccans and they never use the forces of nature to gain power.
White Black magics is the wonderful thing of witchcraft. The love spells, money spells, spells health and many more Black magic can illuminate your life and are the powerful form of Black magic. Throwing white Black magics in deep concentration can work wonders. The Black magic can do you good and evil as black Black magic intends to harm and Black magic for good deeds. Witches follow the beliefs of Wiccans in casting spells. The Black magic easy and powerful can protect you from negative powers and bring you prosperity and happiness. Spells can be words, actions and sometimes tools that can be performed easily by simple steps.
White white Black magics could bring back your lost love, money, health and could go wrong and the black magic white. The witches who make Black magic, which is only for the good deeds, are considered white witches. The Black magic is the main reason witchcraft gaining popularity. The cast spells you can achieve your goals and desires of life. The Black magic witches really works and is experienced by most people, especially young people. The incredibly fast spells are cast by casters and authentic witches, which can make real your dreams in no time. witch spells may work better if you Start with your subconscious mind through meditation.
You might learn witchcraft know the basics and beliefs of witches. It is only through self-determination and practice that you can be a witch. Traditional witchcraft can be learned by meditating and practicing spells daily. The concept of witches as harmful people was changed from the past and today people believe that Black magic witches can bring goodness. The Black magic was closely related to Wicca and has the same values ​​today change the lives of many humans improving their health and protection against evil.
Black magic as free love spells, healing spells, and much more are provided in various websites that can help you change your life better. Whatever your desires, the power of witchcraft and Black magic accomplish. Explore the Black magic spells and learning by increasing your concentration through meditation. You release negative energies and black magic white. ConsacrezBlack magicvous witchcraft and learn to acquire the power of nature.
People are always attracted by the Black magic. One of his most accessible type is the Black magic for good luck. Real signs can occur without wand. Just awaken in itself the power of positive energy and learn to manage it properly. The Black magic will help you find the strength to solve all the pressing issues of your personal life, your spiritual and financial bienBlack magicêtre. With his help, all the obstacles are overcome and great successes have been achieved.
Qu'estBlack magicce the Black magic
There are several centuries, mankind has chosen the path of technological development. With rapid industrialization, the emergence of new machinery and technologies, coups and revolutions in science and technology, and the training of scientific materialist philosophy, the educated part of society has completely lost interest in the strong Black magic, leaving only small fragments. The ancient knowledge emerges in part in the magic healer and white house or village. Three centuries of persecution have done their job, because the most talented were forced to hide all their skills and not to develop them. This small number of scientists who have tried to study this phenomenon was ridiculed and not taken seriously.

Modern science identifies the concepts of "occultism" and "occult science." They refer to the secret knowledge, accessible only to quelquesBlack magicuns, who understand that in every person and in all that surrounds it are unknown forces which are not subject to nonBlack magicinitiés. But in all ages there have been people who are fascinated by esoteric knowledge and practices expressions Black magic the Black magic, sorcery, fortunetelling, shamanism, necromancy.
The Black magic is a practical action that guide the supernatural forces of the surrounding world to get the desired result. A person who has knowledge and expertise attracts these secret forces, control, and with the help of them influences the material world in order to get the thing or event necessary.

the Black magic:
For a simple man in the street, there is no particular difference at first sight. But in reality, these are three completely different directions, three different types of energy.
The Black magic.
The purest is considered Black magic. By combining a number of directions, it instills in the soul a feeling of love and kindness. The man is satisfied with all living and non-living, plants, souls, people. Fans of the Black magic feed their powers with the energy of the four elements.
Understand the purpose of such Black magic involves a request for HELP, not an order of the universe to send an instant result. You should not choose a specific person, asking the universe to send love, because you do not have the right to force him into a relationship. The Black magic Serves just force, which, if not in a direct way, lead a person to love and happiness.
The action of the Black magic always help a person in real need to make ends meet to feed the children and give them the minimum necessary. It gives a chance, and it is important not to miss the moment. A person can find coins or get help, can win a lottery or find a job successfully.
Receiving money dishonestly, take it to another person, is contrary to the essence of Black magic. For these thoughts and these black deeds, good strength shall depart, and justice require severe punishment for you. Do not ask more than necessary.
The Black magicians often turn to their Black magic wizards angels, spirits of light, feeding off the energy of natural elements. All this is the bright forces that can protect, assist in the conduct of the ritual and transmit an incredible energy.
In Black magic, the precondition for any spell or ritual is the condition that the execution of the desired causes no harm. The Black magic does not allow submission or imposing its will on another person.

The Black magic and its consequences
You can not interfere in the sphere of Higher Forces. It is important for our heavenly patrons that each of us fulfilled his mission and did not interfere in the affairs of others. Therefore, the performance of any rite or ritual is always a risky business, because the magician, whether white or black, is trying to redirect the energy without asking permission. Errors are always indicated. For The universe is a fair approach, and it is aggressively perceived by man as an undeserved punishment. The most negative effects of Black magic can be expressed: in small diseases;
unforeseen material loss;
and other life lessons.
Not all these problems are dire. The Black magic and spells will help change the course of events in their favor, if such punishments are not taken into account. In this case, the fate of love is removed, the energy auras of its participants are cleaned and, if necessary, an entirely different ritual is performed.
All that has been said now does not mean at all that the use of Black magic is impossible due to the subsequent penalty and a person can not be helped by anything and no loss without pain. Everything is possible, and using Black magic, but only one of its most important rules must be followed: feelings of light should form the basis of any ritual or rite. If the rule is followed, and the result is the creation, without harming the will and desires of others, so do not be afraid to do anything. At home, the White love fate is also done with consideration of its destiny from the outside, with the desire for happiness than it bewitches. It is necessary to refuse to fulfill the desire in every case, if n ' brings not happiness for both parties involved. It is possible that, at some point, it is not easy to do, but it's still better than paying the price for what you did.

hite magicBlack magicconspirations, spells, healing
Spells and rituals.
Speaking of Black magic, you must first emphasize that all conspiracies and rituals used therein are directed only towards the positive creation. The destructive power is sickened by the Black magic. All laws and regulations apply to help a person or family specifically to the forces.
As for the fate of love, he is also set to create a new feeling, a new relationship. It is unacceptable that the desire of a person enslave the will of another and go against his dreams. The forces of light can not make an unhappy person because of someone's whim.
In simple terms, it is possible to interest a person with Black magic, but to remove the family, causing pain to his wife and children Black magic not is white of black magic.
A special section of the Black magic is healing. The rituals and plots to heal even the most desperate diseases help people gain faith in their strength. Healers remove the damage or the evil eye, which are often the cause of various ailments.
The healer becomes the center of a cluster of positive energy, helping a person to get rid of the disease or not.
A Magicsection sousWhite healing is devoted to herbs, whose strength has been known since antiquity. Herbalist not only knows what herbs will help in a given situation, but also when and how they should be collected in order to release their magical properties correctly.
The planet generously gives us the means to make our lives healthier and happier, and healers know how to use.
Those who practice Black magic healing need to master both the white and the protective magic autoWhite practices Magicpurification because when faced with an illness or injury, there is a risk of depriving a bad energy and illness.
The prediction is also in charge of Black magic. Note that divination and prediction are not divination, able to create good and evil.
There are many conspiracies for all occasions. All are designed to be positive, but read on a decreasing or increasing moon, according to the purpose. For example, if a person is sick, all forces should be directed to the destruction of the disease, reduce and win. Such plots are usually played on the waning moon. If a person needs help feed his family, get a job, or find love, then this is the growing moon to help.
The two magicians, black and white, include the rites and rituals of the opposing schools can access it. In this case, the Black magician will never accept to accomplish a black rite. A black magician can use white plots to eliminate his own fate.

The Black magic estBlack magicelle be at home?
EstWhite can Magicil to rituals and conspiracies to the man in the street? EstBlack magicil possible to learn it vousBlack magicmême? EstBlack magicil possible to make Black magic conspiracies at home? Understand that, like any capacity, capabilities of the magician may be innate, and can also be the result of hard work. Conspiracies are inherited or comes from above, and may also be the result of the creativity of the magician luiBlack magicmême.
Of course, a person endowed with magical powers, especially if it is incorporated into the clan, has much more capacity and power than a mere mortal. Often having a gift, a person does not know how to use or did everything wrong, turning its power to harm. An ordinary person with diligence, work, perseverance and desire will always reach the highest peaks of the Black magic.
The Black magic gradually reveals its secrets. Anyone who has decided to learn the basics of magic white and continue to improve, to understand that everyone has a chance to reach the top, regardless of the presence of an innate talent. It is important that a person has the most developed will, power of thought, the strength of the emotions, the desire for perfection and continuous development of the main quality of the Black magic Black magic love for people.
In the early stages of understanding the Black magic, it is necessary to get rid of their vices, negative habits, to undergo the procedures of spiritual and physical purification.
RappelezBlack magicvous the black and Black magic white are serious actions. Do not sousBlack magicestimez their strength and abilities. Having started the Black magic course and having decided to devote you, know that you may feel the need to help people. Do not fear the responsibility, because with it comes to you and the magic power, and the satisfaction that you are helping people find joy and happiness.
the Black magic hite on love
We have already mentioned more than once that Black magic of conspiracy correctly made on love is almost harmless. It does not go against the wishes of a Magic personneWhite but only increases the attractiveness of those who ask. Unlike the Black magic Magic noireWhite here all requests are directed to the brilliant forces that do not accept violence. The Black magic helps to find the right way to strengthen relationsWhite aimerBlack magic Magic away from the family in any formeBlack magic draw attention to a specific person.
Conspiracy to strengthen relations
The Black magic always protects family relationships. It helps to strengthen even if you've been married a long time and do not have feelings as passionate as before. Making the old attraction will conspiracy of love. Knead pâteBlack magic add some mielBlack magic powdered sugar and a few drops of oil roseBlack magic and say:
LadaWhite mother brillanteBlack magic Magic Magic SvarogWhite great pèreBlack magic souls you tied together for Magic toujoursWhite they tied us together.
Prepare your favorite pastry from this paste. IciBlack magic you can change the recipe recipe. Add the crèmeWhite baiesBlack magic Magic Magic the confitureWhite make a cake or pie. Eat this meal with your spouse. Do not treat foreigners. This meal will strengthen your relationBlack magic make the family happy.
Conspiracy to make the passion in a relationship
There are many conspiracies to incite passion and the return of feelings of the past. The most famous of them is water. Do not drive the rite on the growing moon. To perform the ritual it is necessary early matinBlack magic at sunrise Magic soleilWhite to collect water. Water is better to take in the well or source. You will need a full cup. A bowl of tap water should be hidden from prying eyes in the house until evening. As soon as the sun goes down and it's getting nuitBlack magic take the cup with both hands and ditesBlack magiclui three times as follows ::
The bird does not live without nebushka clairWhite the Magic
wild beast without meadows and forêtsBlack magic
(Name) without moiWhite Black magic Magic (your name).
It manqueBlack magic Magic There he pleureWhite
crying and souffreBlack magic
Good does not know good.
AssurezBlack magicvous that when you read the plot next to you there was personneBlack magic did not need someone to hear you. Sprinkle your bed where you sleep with your husband. If you sleep séparémentBlack magic you must sprinkle its affairesBlack magic Magic vêtementsWhite etc. Pour remaining water out the window.
Conspiracy to return the love of his wife
There are families in which the husband loves his Magic femmeWhite and is already bored with relationships and other men are becoming interested. A simple Black magic conspiracy help make the location of the wife and become his most important person. For absolute correctementBlack magic driving the rite of passage precisely at the full moon. Add water and pour into a clean bowl. Hide from prying eyes in the house until evening.
At dusk the Magic nuitWhite in soiréeBlack magic Magic minuitWhite but so you should take the bowl in your left hand and standing by the open window. TenezBlack magicvous up to the full moon is visible in the sky. His light directly on the water and read the plot:
As the flowers bloom in the sun clairBlack magic and my wife from me can bloom and shine with love.
As the heat in his will allumeBlack magic until her breast tombeBlack magic and the wife undressed me and smiled.
The Magic nuitWhite she caresses me toutBlack magic and cries and is killed the day without me.
Key. Castle. Language.
Just 12 drops of this water should be added to a non hot drink served to your wife. OffrezBlack magiclui compoteWhite a glass Magic Magic Magic eauWhite of jusWhite etc. When the rest boitBlack magic Water Magic vêtementsWhite waters his personal effects and his bed
Conspiracy if the husband does not want a woman
And if the intimate desires completely disparuBlack magic but you love your husband and want to be with him? The Black magic will help rekindle the passion. Composing at dawn one liter of water from the source. No other water is suitable. Do not take mineral water without gas. Whether the Magic but sourceWhite time a whole is not known.
At avanceBlack magic you need to prepare a new nightgown and a large pool. AssurezBlack magicvous it is not Sunday and that no religious festivals on this day. The ritual should be practiced on a growing moon.
It is necessary to carry out the ritual at all seulBlack magic Magic minuitWhite wearing a new shirt. The basin should be positioned next to the Magic tableWhite and the table to a container with the water collected at dawn. Say the next plot 12 times in water:
I was born as a daughter rougeBlack magic I was baptized with rougeBlack magic girl and I'll always be the same kind of red. MoiBlack magic (your name) Black magic I will not forget the men's blessings forever. Mouth boucheBlack magic hands Magic mainsWhite feet to feet.
MettezBlack magicvous in the basin and pour all the water you made. Remove wet shirt and dry without washing. Wear this shirt when you go to bed with your husband and enjoy an intimate life.
A conspiracy of an unfaithful husband
How much grief and pain lead women to betray. The Black magic on her husband will not stop seulementBlack magic but also prevent them in the future forever. It will take a liter of water. treasonable conspiracies are read on the Moon Magic DécroissanteWhite since we want to destroy this process. Read the text préBlack magicappris immediately after the full moon.
We need to wake up before sunrise the soleilBlack magic stay completely alone in the salleBlack magic pick up a bowl filled with one liter of water etBlack magic watching the Magic fondWhite sincerely wanting complete the Magic désirWhite read the magical story 10 times :
The house of the hut goes pasBlack magic it is impossible to reach the threshold of another.
AlorsWhite my chèreBlack magic Magic I can not changerBlack magic or with a fine.
According to my parolesBlack magic Magic aiméWhite all will never I will not forget.
Key. Castle. Language.
After reading end boutBlack magic turn with the cup in your hands all the house clockwise. Sprinkle water on each corner of your Magic maisonWhite and add the remaining water in the morning to your husband in cold drinks 10 drops each time.
The Black magic for money
The Black magic money in the spring equinox
The rituals of Black magic have long existed. One of the oldest is a conspiracy to argentBlack magic that helps to increase the family income and on 21 MarsBlack magic at the spring equinox. The best time to go to sunrise. You should turn your face towards the estBlack magic directing the ritual.
For rituelBlack magic refuel with a chicken egg fraisBlack magic made the best chicken maisonBlack magic candle bought at the Magic ÉgliseWhite and a small stick or wood chips. It is necessary to carefully drill the holes in the egg on both sides etBlack magic separating the white jauneBlack magic pour the entire contents into two saucers.
The next step is to light a candle etBlack magic crossing you even Black magic and Magic œufsWhite shells to utter a magical conspiracy to money .:
By the grace of DieuBlack magic but with the help of trèsBlack magicHaut.
Now prepared with a hardened wooden stick in the Yellow Magic œufWhite you must write your initials on the shell of the egg. Each letter three times. EnsuiteBlack magic blow the shell three times and turn off the candle with your mainsBlack magic without using water or air.
As soon as you put the Magic bougieWhite immediately recalculate all the money disponibleBlack magic including porteBlack magicmonnaie and pochesBlack magic and all bancairesBlack magic accounts recalling the exact amount of funds. Enter the sum of all your savings on the smallest bill.
Prepare a small amount of paste to coat the eggshells by mixing only water and flour. Brush immediately eggshell and collezBlack magicy a Magic factureWhite that contains the total funds counted by you. Wanting to truly achieve a result positifBlack magic read the plot:
The egg is blancBlack magic You turn in rondBlack magic with white
Sun turn around.
With a song of nightingale I apparaîtreBlack magic
With a clear day and a dark day that I bénisBlack magic
With copper mélodieuxBlack magic
With the water couleBlack magic with fire brûleBlack magic and with the wind flying.
From that day my riches multiplierontBlack magic
And sorrows (your name) forget forever!
And maintenantBlack magic and Magic jamaisWhite and ever!
Planting the shell using flowerpots and land for this purpose. Water from time to tempsBlack magic especially when the moon rises. Imagine when you water your richesseWhite how Magic profits and wealth grow.
Conspiracy to wealth
Wealth and richesseBlack magicun subject that interests everyone without exception. Everyone wants the Magic argentWhite but everyone fails. Wealth can break âmeBlack magic make a vicious person.
Some people want to give happiness to their familleBlack magic take care of children and their avenirBlack magic help the weakest and most défavorisésBlack magic give them money or participate in charity events. Others want only intelligent life to euxBlack magicmêmesBlack magic an imaginary happiness and even love.
Fate gives everyone a chance when they can show pleinementBlack magic using money as a test. SiBlack magic Magic making a profitWhite you are attracted to the Magic bienWhite then it will give you everything. But if in your head that your own richesseBlack magic then you lose vousBlack magicmême.
white patches on magic money Read Magic vendredisWhite better to just 12 hours.
Take a handful of coins Black magic read the plot and carry it with you: Three beautiful red apples bring wealth and money to your maisonBlack magic it is interesting to say the following conspiracy three times on them:
Magic apples must be brought to the cemetery and placed on an old unmarked grave.
To attract wealth and money at home will help the fresh gingerbread. AchetezBlack magicle and mettezBlack magicle on the windowsill so that the light of Vienna moon above. Plot on a full luneWhite Wednesday night at Magic Magic jeudiWhite clearly pronouncing the following words:
arly the matinBlack magic split the gingerbread in all people living in the house. Everyone should definitely get a room. This will bring prosperity to the Magic maisonWhite save debts and the family will not die of faimBlack magic but quietly get everything you need.
Conspiracy to find a well paid job
The Black magic helps a lot to get well-paid jobs. To perform the ritual must acquire six major bougiesBlack magic and water. At the Magic maisonWhite add in a stein or mug or other clay container in which you can put water.
For maximalWhite effect Magic perform the rite of the rising sun at noon.
You need 2 purchased candles on the table and turn it on. Pour water into a clay bowl and place in front of the candles.
Immediately drink three sips of water magic and put the bowl in place. Do not toucherBlack magic leaving the same place until soirBlack magic but just before going to sleep with this water wash. Let the candle burn completely.
Repeat the entire ceremony for three joursBlack magic lighting whenever new candles. At Magic totalWhite they leave six. After three joursBlack magic you can start your job search using all possible methods. AssurezBlack magicvous to success!
Black magic Land beauty
Plot for weight loss.
Black magic of conspiracies can help a person in his desires. Especially if it is the pursuit of excellence. The conspiracy pushes energy towards a person in the right directionBlack magic rearranging the body work to achieve his goal. Although Magic sûrWhite much depends on the will of the person and his perseverance.
When running a strong ritual to realize the dream of losing poidsBlack magic you should consider some of the characteristics of his behavior:
read the conspiracy on the moon décroissanteBlack magic before sunrise or after sunset;
driving alone and in complete silence ceremony;
perform all actions of the ritual to lose poidsBlack magic exclusively on an empty stomach;
clearly speak all the words of the Magic magiqueWhite conspiracy without stuttering;
you should not initiate anyone in your plans; keep secret rite.
Do not try to find paths and difficult rituals for weight loss. The same effect will simple but miraculous words spoken before eating. The mood and belief is important that everything will work out.
It has long been known for its efficiency in the Magic poidsWhite loss ritual practiced by the conspiracy honey. Mages are convinced that it completely eliminates weight regain process. You need to prepare a natural honey pot. LundiBlack magic Magic aubeWhite in the middle of reading the plot:
Be me (proper name) beautiful filleBlack magic slim and majestic! I control the magic word: all the extra fat away from moiBlack magic all unwanted fat scatter me! Do not tread on me (proper name) over graisseBlack magic do not live with excess weight. Fat partiraBlack magic flee from me and will never return!
Be me (proper name) slim and graceful forever and ever! As a thin bouleauWhite gracieuxBlack magic and Magic as a fragile poplar and minceBlack magic like a graceful swan and beauBlack magic I am thin and sweet to everyone. I will speak with magiquesBlack magic words I will conjurerai with magiquesBlack magic Magic chérieWhite sentences speaker and Magic guérisWhite I will enjoy you. My will is strong and my desire is sealed with magic words. It will be just like that!
Each matinBlack magic dissolve a teaspoon of honey in a magical glass of cold water and drink. With this boissonBlack magic not only decreased appetite and weight disappears rapidementBlack magic enough but the whole body is healed by stabilizing metabolic processes.
After 10Black magic15 Magic joursWhite the results of the work of Black magic will be clearly visible. During one month of receipt systématiqueBlack magic sufficient quantity of one kilogram is dumped without any harm to the body.
A plot to appeal.
The Black magic can help in any case. For Magic exempleWhite increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex. It is an almost universelleBlack magic way that suits both men and Magic femmesWhite except some nuances. The ritual will not only make you more beautiful and intéressanteBlack magic have accomplished such riteBlack magic will be much easier for you to meet your love.
For rituelBlack magic you need to prepare and store on a rougeBlack magic Candle Magic eauWhite a glass of a blend of essential oils to the bath (roseBlack magic patchouli oils and ylangBlack magicylang) Black magic some of any color rose petals handles . It is necessary to choose relaxing music associated with romanceBlack magic relaxation and tenderness.
The ceremony took place the night of the new luneBlack magic Magic rêvesWhite when new desires and relationships are born. Put a full glass of water on the windowsill for the moon is reflected in water. Exit before the full moon. Thus begins the female ritual. Men who want to quickly meet the girl of their rêvesBlack magic you need to sip water with the light of soleilBlack magic rather than the moon. Women must remove the glass at dawn in a place sombreBlack magic and Black magic men at sunset.
The next step is Magic Bath dactylographiéWhite you should be comfortable in it. Pour water saturated with moonlight or sunlight. Try to imagine how the water in the bathroom for a woman shines with argentWhite etBlack magic Magic for a man with gold. Show this glow.
Turn on the music Magic préparéeWhite add rose petals in the bath. Take your tempsBlack magic made every step ritual with tenderness. Add a mixture of essential oils to a small amount of milk (you can also apply a few drops of sea salt) and add to the preparation of the bath. Take a relaxing bath as much as you feel comfortable. Imagine that your skin is filled with water and light begins to shine. Ask the moon or the sun to entice you and you Magic aimerWhite presenting yourself in an ideal image.
White protective magic
The protective power of Black magic is huge. The special spells can permanently protect against curses and dommagesBlack magic inflow problems and lack of argentBlack magic negative energy and the machinations of ennemisBlack magic evil eye and evil forces. You can protect yourself and your vousBlack magicmême Magic familleWhite knowing only a few spells.
Protection and cleaning the house with herbs.
To protect the house from negative energy and détracteursBlack magic you can use both conspiracies and herbs. There is a simple ritual that helps save and protect your home from the bad œilBlack magic of Magic dommagesWhite malWhite forces of Magic etc. You have to spend each moisBlack magic during the Moon declines.
It must be prepared strong infusion of thistle and dill. These herbs can be found in fields and gardens. You can use both fresh and dried herbs. Absinthe is also parfaiteBlack magic it has long been used as a protective agent.
Tie the chicken feathers blanchesBlack magic spotted and black in a small broom. Dip a brush into the infusion of herbs and sprinkle the whole house avecBlack magic moving in the direction of clockwise. Do more attention to the door entréeBlack magic windows and window sills. Remember the bainWhite room stockageWhite the Magic Magic Magic balconWhite the room etc.
protective conspiracy against the problems.
The Black magic will help protect against negativity and obstacles outside the house by drawing on a handkerchief or towel. Read just before leaving the house the following:
Magicmoi ProtègeWhite of bail and protection.
I go everywhere and the road to me and the bright road.
After luBlack magic wipe your face with the handkerchief and the towel. Chance with you.
Protection against negative energy.
It happens that after a meeting or talk déplaisanteBlack magic a person delays the Magic négatifWhite irritating and depriving it of positive energy. A black wire ordinaireBlack magic equal in length to the distance of the hand coudeBlack magic and a wax candle help get rid of this condition. We think it is better to use black candles Magic négatifWhite but you can choose Magic uneWhite especially if black recalls the dark powers of Black magic. Remove all other éclairagesWhite just Magic candles.
By winding the wire on your index finger of your hand droiteBlack magic read the following seven times:
You allezBlack magic pain is wicked of me IvanBlack magic and Ivan to PakhomaBlack magic Pakhoma to NikitaBlack magic and Nikita to this thread. She will always làBlack magic and I will live in peace. Word. Key. Language. Castle.
Remove the wire from the index finger as if it were a magic ring without etWhite dénouementBlack magic burning with the flame of a burning candle. After the candle has completely brûléBlack magic throw the ashes of the rope to the outside of your home.
Conspiracy before a long trip.
It has long been considered a good signeBlack magic going on a long voyageBlack magic to take in a bag a handful of his homeland. It is difficult to overestimate the power of the most powerful talisman of Black magicBlack magic can save the life of the traveler on a long journey. We must put in some dirt canvas bag taken from her home with the words:
The house PèreWhite ouiBlack magic Magic Magic mother terreWhite save so hard Protect (name) in the way of it.
Close the bag and put it in a suitcase or in a clothing pocket where you plan to go. It is better to make such riteBlack magic immediately before leaving or early morning. You can take care of all members of the familleBlack magic by making them amulets.
Protection against damage.
The Black magic has a strong protective effect. The hearing insults or threats to your côtéBlack magic stop listening to the words and try to mentally résuméBlack magicvous words. The cross and say:
Everything came to you spent. DescendezBlack magic go away.
If you talk to téléphoneBlack magic speak without asking the phone. No matter that you contact whether or not heard. What compteBlack magic is that you have sent all the negative.
Qu'estBlack magicce the Black magic?
The Black magic is a way to control reality. The Black magic and mystèreBlack magicles essential attributes of the Black magic Black magic are born because the magical effect is not always visible and tangible.
SiBlack magic by Magic exempleWhite the bus driver turns the steering wheel with his mainsBlack magic and the bus turns aussiBlack magic is understandable to everyone. And if the magician orders the tournerBlack magic bus being next to luiBlack magic and for some reason he tourneWhite quelconqueBlack magic Magic then everyone think this is the Black magic. Or Black magic.
We must distinguish the Black magic of divination and clairvoyance. When devineBlack magic is done to obtain any information. When we produce a magiqueBlack magic ritual we are trying to change reality.
In both casBlack magic the fortuneteller or magician asks the help of higher powers. He asked them to be good informationBlack magic or blessings for certain changes in the world. By exempleBlack magic the customer comes with the magician's desire to get rich. The magician first diagnosed the situation with fortunes of tarot cards (or other instrument) Black magic and if he sees that there are no obstacles to it travailBlack magic invites the client to perform a magic ceremony abondanceWhite or to make a talisman Magic personnelWhite money or perform some other action.
Qu'estBlack magicce the Black magic?
The Black magic is working to help a person. Each of helping his nousBlack magic Magic prochainWhite produced a ritual. It is not necessary to be an "assistant" to do good. But those who do good are not wizards.
Helping soiBlack magicmêmeBlack magic this estBlack magicàBlack magicdire the manifestation of a true love for soiBlack magicmêmeBlack magic is the "ritual" magic largest and most complex that can last for moisBlack magic of Magic annéesWhite decades. Some believe that the real magician is only one who is healed luiBlack magicmêmeBlack magic and therefore can heal others. This is not true. PremièrementBlack magic you can not help harboring soiBlack magicmême in the world and not asking for help from others. EtWhite deuxièmementBlack magic Magic Magic healing the autresWhite you heal vousBlack magicmême. You earn expérienceBlack magic Magic sagesseWhite learn from mistakes and become more loyal towards others.
Healing is what makes a person entièreBlack magic harmonizing all its parts Black magic Light and Magic obscuritéWhite mind and Magic corpsWhite body and soul. Any medication is the Black magicBlack magic if it aims to strengthen the mental and physical health of a person.
The difference between black and Black magic
It is believed that Black magic works with clairesWhite higher powers Magic and Black Magic Black magic with white darkness. This model of separation of forces beyond our control must be clarifiéWhite carBlack magic Magic Magic ensembleWhite in the field of energy information is.
In ésotériqueBlack magic ago the concept of Black magic egregor all the thoughts and emotions of a certain group of people. By exempleBlack magic if a person prieBlack magic sincerely ask the higher powers some choseBlack magic then its energy message is small. But if 1,000 other people pray to the same Magic choseWhite their egregore will be more powerful. The superior forces "become thoughtful": peutBlack magicêtre vautBlack magicil it really worth to answer to a prayer?
There are positive and negative égrégeurs. A negative example of egregor is a combination of bad penséesWhite idéesBlack magic of Magic wishes. Such structures are called "dark forces." They exist as parts of a field communBlack magic having a channel of communication with those who "pray to them."
Returning to the Black magic. Some of the channels used by the masters of such Black magic belong to religious: they are connected to égrégeurs huge positive of those beliefs which they are the followers. And if we remember that our native Christianity has its roots in the paganismeBlack magic then it will remove all contradictions like a hand.
Black magic Sections
The Black magic is divided into several sections:
1. THE Black magic HELP
This estBlack magic Magic abordWhite any healing. It also includes all the rituals to break the impasseBlack magic Spells Magic crisesWhite conspiracy to good chanceBlack magic etc.
It includes the manufacture of amulets and talismans protecteursBlack magic and rituals against the effects of black magic white dommagesWhite Black magic Magic Magic yeuxWhite bad curses. You can protect a familleWhite personneBlack magic Magic Magic a appartementWhite a bureauBlack magic a house or even an entire city or country.
3. THE LOVE OF Black magic
The shutters refer to the Black magic défensiveBlack magic but regarding love spells Black magic here all is not so simple. According to the laws of Black magicBlack magic spell of love can not go to the detriment of the Magic gensWhite estBlack magicàBlack magicdireBlack magic the maximum that can be done is to discreetly attention to one person to another. Anything that contradicts the will of the object is already in the Black magic noireBlack magic because you can not be compelled by love.
The Black magic movies
Charmed (CharmedBlack magic dir. John T. KrechmerBlack magic James L. ConwayBlack magicetc.)
Night Watch (ed. Timur Bekmambetov)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice dir. John Turtelaub
Price issue in the Black magic
A very important point: even Black magic can not be free. According to the balance sheet law énergétiqueBlack magic someone orders a transformation of reality has to pay to intervene in the established order. It's easier and better if it through the argentBlack magic rather than anything else.
The Black magic is basically désintéresséeBlack magic but that does not mean that every magician should work just like that. And a good magicienBlack magic knowing the laws of universBlack magic understands. PlusBlack magic of it will not respond to requests frankly égoïstesBlack magic not rituals of Black magic black etBlack magic Magic plusWhite not perform deceive people by presenting what he wants to be true. The lack of personal interest is that the magician receives a fee only for what he does and does not use his gift and skills to promote customers for money. The same applies to customers: wanting to get rich is normalBlack magic but be greedy or achieve success "free" is not ethical. NOT'
Work under these laws which are based on the material and subtle level. Changes occur first on the forehead invisibleBlack magic and can be embodied in the physical world. By conséquentBlack magic the magician does not make sense to move the Black magic bus it is easier to give the order to his driver that he is heading in the right direction. CependantBlack magic Black magicians do not like to have fun and spend their strength on any nonBlack magicSens.
The Black magic is not magic in understanding her children. Nothing materialized from nothing. It all depends on all the conditions for the "sale" of the will or the realization of the intention. Someone just needs a little ritual to move the situationBlack magic and someone will not help even years of magical practices Black magic a person just is not given destiny to follow the path that claims to want. DoncBlack magic it's not worth much to use a magic wand to use a wand meaningless Black magic the Black magic should be used more reasonably than psychologieBlack magic medicine and fortune.
Magic Magic EtWhite well sûrWhite the Black magic can be appriseBlack magic like any other profession. You can find and develop a gift vousBlack magicmêmeBlack magic you can connect to the communication channels with egregors hot douxBlack magic you can own the ritual technique. And you can only do good actionsBlack magic based on the call of your heart. And then anyone can feel like a real one. And not necessarily a magician.
ToutefoisBlack magic even in the case of Black magicBlack magic must be careful: it is not always fair and useful to search by soiBlack magicmême a solution to a difficult situation. In the process of resolving the situation did not appear new erreursBlack magic it is necessary to turn to the professionals in the field of extrasensory perception or clairvoyance Black magic Black magic fortune telling whose methods certainly not harm you!

Qu'estBlack magicce the Black magic
Speaking in a language secBlack magic the Black magic is a verbal and physical manipulation to change the situation. As telBlack magic no restrictions: the Conjurer is free to influence the world as the Magic veutWhite only if he manages to select the appropriate method for this. The magical techniques can be divided into two complementary groups:
Parcel. These are magic words sortsBlack magic Magic spéciauxWhite whose active pronunciation of the energy program.
Action. They involve running some procéduresBlack magic such as a visit to cimetièreBlack magic candles Magic alluméesWhite making dolls spécialesBlack magic etc.
By rule généraleBlack magic ritual includes both reading of the plot and the conduct of work on the Magic terrainWhite although there are exceptions. By exempleBlack magic for some love spells facilesBlack magic simply speak the text. But you have to focus on the instructions for the Magic rituelWhite as it is created by taking into account all the subtleties.
Why avonsBlack magicnous need Black magic for the modern man
Current magicians do not walk in long robes and do not swing their personnelBlack magic causing thunder and lightning (at least in public). Most wizards are ordinary people with the ability and desire to create charms. And since humanity still suffers from the same problèmesBlack magic the magic white is traditionally used for the following purposes:
Enchanting love spells. Love spells allow you to start a relationBlack magic even with those who have not yet expressed any interest. Such ceremonies used to talk about Magic loyautéWhite harmonize relationsBlack magic make them more passionnéesBlack magic etc.
Cause damage. Punish humiliate adversaireWhite ennemiBlack magic Magic avenge the insult Black magic such desires at least one Magic foisWhite but ignited in the heart of each person. The magical arsenal for this is very broad: the bad œilWhite the souillureBlack magic Magic curses are excellent options to annoy the enemy.
Purification of the negative. During the years of its Magic vieWhite a person than with all kinds of "waste" blocking chakras. Magic purges are designed to eliminate the Magic and négatifWhite bienWhite returning to normal physical and emotional Magicêtre.
Attraction of goods. There are many rituals specifically designed to attract the argentWhite chanceBlack magic Magic love. You can also improve your Magic santéWhite improve the situation in travailBlack magic establish social contacts. There is no sphere in which the Black magic would be powerless.
Get rid of boredom. The easiest way to remove them from your life is to be transferred to another object. Changes help give their Magic difficultésWhite a personneWhite a planteBlack magic Magic Magic animalWhite an inanimate object. Old problems become sorcerer new object trouble.
Virtually everyone who is interested is able to learn the magic white. The main thing is to find a suitable path for vousBlack magic which will enable you to face the dangers rarely possible and you will achieve your plans as soon as possible.
The Black magic: witchcraft for good
The Black magic of light is one that is directed towards goodness. Its main features are: purity; sincerity; goodness. The Black magician guéritBlack magic Magic aideWhite harmony. It will never make malBlack magic because he regards it as unacceptable. Light charms are used to:
To charm a loved one.
ProtégezBlack magicvous and protect your home from negativity.
Heal and cleanse.
Making dreams come true.
Awakens hidden talents.
To attract luck in any area of ​​life.
Almost everyone knows the Black magic. A lullaby for a mèreBlack magic words of love from a conjointBlack magic a desire for happiness from a close friend Black magic this is an unconscious manifestation of brillanteWhite Natural Magic Witchcraft for people.
Black magicBlack magicconspiration
The Black magic plots are very diverse. They were passed from generation to generation for thousands of years.
Qu'estBlack magicce the Black magic?
Spells and conspiracies of Black magic are directed towards good deeds. One of the most important areas of the conspiracy against the effects of black magic white. If you know your enemy faceBlack magic you have to look him straight in the eye and say: "I found the Magic malWhite I removed myself. I look at him and I take on. If this plot is pronounced with faith and sentimentBlack magic then it will be your reliable protection.
There are also conspiracies and love spells Black magic on Magicêtre bienWhite family. When family members are trying to comprendreBlack magic they face all difficulties. Family discord brings only sorrow and attracts new trouble. For Magicêtre bienWhite the Magic familleWhite you can say the following plot:
Saint Angel Magic GardienWhite my faithful assistant. Save our family troubles and conflitsBlack magic for that happiness is always in the house. I ask you with all my cœurBlack magic let peace come home to our family.
The Black magic plots about love
Every girl dreams of finding the love of his life. This should be the person who will take care of elleWhite soutienBlack magic Magic of love and understanding. All girls dream of such a person. Magic DoncWhite many girls decide to resort to using the Magic Black magicWhite who even used by our grandsBlack magicmères.
The Black magic of the love spells can be pronounced on pure water. In faireBlack magic you have to get the cleanest running water (preferably spring water). The Magic soirWhite you must light a red candle and watch the water and say: "Water is propreBlack magic AidezBlack magicmoi find close in spirit. After çaBlack magic you can extinguish the candle and go to bed The Magic matinWhite pours water in any reservoir and say "find my bienBlack magicaiméBlack magic frees my heart of pain."
white patches on magic money
When buying suivantBlack magic to receiving the Magic monnaieWhite mentally say "money flow in your Magic portefeuilleWhite as fast net." There is nothing complicated. In the Magic subconscientWhite you see the attraction of Magic fondsWhite so money really appear. The main thing here is not even the Magic motsWhite but your concentration and an appropriate agreement. If you whisper a conspiracy and wait for manna from cielBlack magic it will not work. You have to understand that money comes to some choseBlack magic then generate ideas and do not be afraid. And the right setting will help you on the way bienBlack magicêtre. Black magic of plots to make bienBlack magicaimée
IciBlack magic you need to know the following Black magic all violence is wrong. By conséquentBlack magic someone's back and coercion something is no longer the Black magic. If you have a disorder relationnelBlack magic you can cast a spell on improving relations to learn to hear you and understand you. But forcing a person to return has serious consequences.
There are ways to return a personneWhite but Magic Magic appliquantWhite causerez you irreparable harm to vousBlack magicmême and another person. It's the difference between patches of black magic and white. You can decide independently a piece of Black magic health or Black magic plot drinking. But with such problèmesBlack magic it is better to turn to professional magicians. These people know the best technique and know how to direct the energy correctly. Prayers and plots of Black magic are very simplesBlack magic but it is important to believe in their power and how to use it properly.

The Black magic. Conspiracies and lots of love. Difference.
ery Magic souventWhite people have the confusion associated with the concepts of white black and Black magic. A spell of Magic AmourWhite Various conspiracies and spells for the chanceWhite amourBlack magic Magic Magic etc.White are attributed to either Black magic. There are many opinions on how they differ. In my avisBlack magic and Magic seulementWhite not my avisBlack magic the main difference in the result. All that is done for the good of man and his Black magicWhite the consentementBlack magic Magic and all that is done is for the good of man etBlack magic even if for but against his bonBlack magic Magic volontéWhite c ' the white is black magic.
I often quote a typical example when the alcohol dependency is removed from a person. The situation is that this person buBlack magic drinks and wants boireBlack magic will not make luiBlack magicmêmeBlack magic but the other, and parents do not share his Magic opinionWhite they are totally contreBlack magic they do not like a person abuses alcoolWhite the Magic and therefore does not live by luiBlack magicmêmeBlack magic and prevents them from living. We can say that the situation has Magic avoirWhite and try to force him to give up the habit with the help of Black magic. Who can deny queWhite in grosBlack magic Magic is done to his property? And what is really? This seems to him to be bénéfiqueBlack magic but against his will.
Let us now see what rites can be attributed to Black magic noireBlack magic and Black magic which the Black magic. Let's start with the most common of love spells and more popular. No matter how much it may seem strange to quelqu'unBlack magic is the Black magic black magic that creates a sortWhite and as many spells of love and all kinds of various conspiracies on the subject of the Black magic of love. I often receive letters asking me to make a sortBlack magic and there are a competitor or a Magic rivalWhite and fate must be made using the Black magic. This is one of the most common misconceptions that soiBlack magicdisant "strong Black magicians" create. at each corner hanging ads for the love of Black magic spells. In faitBlack magic all love spells are noirsBlack magic although there is a conditional division of rites noirBlack magic gray and white. I répèteBlack magic is conditional. And the word "white" is a bit of another Magic opéraWhite the Black magic has nothing to do with it.
DoncBlack magic we now have a clear criterion that these two types of Black magic are different. We realized that the Magic sortWhite and queBlack magic Magic pratiquementWhite all conspiracies and spells on the love of a person also does not require its Magic consentementWhite and therefore belong to the white black magic. With all the rites and spells that are made for Black magic and noireBlack magic is made by this critèreWhite quiBlack magic Magic Magic ailleursWhite is the clearest and confused.
I'll give a brief description of the "color differentiation" of love spells that we have no ambiguities.
Black called love spells:
Rites are made on the urineWhite sangBlack magic Magic Magic Magic spermeWhite the onglesWhite the Magic cheveuxWhite etc.
Also in the black spell are the cemetery rites.
The soiBlack magicdisant gray love spells:
The love spells fantômesWhite quiBlack magic Magic Magic in généraleWhite rule are made at the full moon.
The Black magic rituals are those in which the paraphernalia of the church is used:
BougiesWhite prièresBlack magic Magic Magic icônesWhite etc.Black magic and the ceremonies in the Church.
This is where the "whiteness" of these rites is deBlack magic and not at all because they are made of Black magic. But once we pensonsWhite encoreBlack magic Magic is at least one of these spells made with the consent of the "victim"? Not. So this kind of magicto fate has nothing to do. A few words on the wrists. The cuffs also belong to the Black magic noireBlack magic as they break liensBlack magic is to separate the Magic gensWhite without the consent of one party. Or at least a côtéBlack magic when a person representing the other side wants this separation. Either façonBlack magic no one asks the "victim". Although Magic sûrWhite any targeting of a négatifWhite cependantBlack magic Magic Magic sortWhite impact as a conspiracy or spell on amourBlack magic is the white black magic. You must agree that concepts such as "damage" or "evil eye" do not turn a language that Black magic even for someone who is not too clever in these matters. With amourBlack magic is a bit more difficileWhite maisBlack magic Magic Magic penseWhite I now everything is clear too.
mêmeWhite of Magic on magical talismans noirsBlack magic amulets and charms are made. On ailleursBlack magic is why it is dangerous to use such items. By exempleBlack magic talisman made for money can take considerably Magic santéWhite or amourBlack magic etc.
By rule généraleBlack magic is the suppression of the induced effect (bad œilBlack magic damage) Black magic certain rites of protectionBlack magic and treatment (cure) Black magic manufacture of certain types of amulettesBlack magic by Magic as particulierWhite amulets.
The Magic LadankaWhite unlike amulets and talismansBlack magic is made of Black magic using church accessories. They do not bear such a strong charge and circonscriteBlack magic but have a wider range of actions and do not give negative consequences. In other termesBlack magic talisman affects more concentrated Fort Black magic but it is tuned to a narrow range. Ladanka sûrBlack magic is weaker in one direction but universelWhite particulièreBlack magic Magic and help with everything. In passantBlack magic strength is very important. IciBlack magic Magic peutBlack magicêtreWhite all the basic concepts associated with such Black magic.

The Black magicBlack magicapprendre
It is interesting to note that to learn the Black magicBlack magic it is necessary to create a course for vousBlack magicmême from scratch to get the necessary skills and knowledge related to the definition of information négativeBlack magic of the Magic enleverWhite creating protectionBlack magic charge amulets and talismans. You also need to dive into the world of Magic numérologieWhite techniques that introduce people into a state of hypnosis and trance and learn the art of love spells.
The Black magic spell
The magic tools of Black magic include: conspirationsWhite the Magic Magic prièresWhite the brightest feelings before toutWhite etBlack magic Magic love. If you plan to engage in the autoBlack magicéducation of Black magicBlack magic then you must remember that the love fate imposed there will be no consequences if négativesBlack magic superimposed only with the brightest feelings .
By exempleBlack magic if you want to have a magical effect on your bienBlack magicaiméBlack magic then the practice of Black magic strongly recommends performing a ritual only if you do not feel selfish aspirations for that person. In his penséesBlack magic should not be the intention to hurt him or force him to do something that contradicts the will of the young man.
The Black magic school advises to conduct a love spell on the basis of prièresBlack magic Magic conspirationsWhite while referring only to the divine powers. Do not be afraid if you have not been baptized. If you strive to make the Magic bienWhite share your feelings brillantsBlack magic then there will be no negative consequences of this.
How to learn to evoke the Black magic?
Teach white witchcraft involves the use of acquired knowledge covering a wide range. It also requires daily exercises that can help you gain practical skills. Before you plunge into the rituals of Black magic magicWhite stock up with a desire Fort Black magic patience and faith despite reversWhite queBlack magic Magic you reach the desired.
It would not be superfluous to note that all occultists should learn the basics of Black magicBlack magic even if in the future they plan to practice in a different direction. Black magic refers to the method of improving self Black magic and always strive to improve your concentration. Remember to méditerBlack magic this will help in the future to easily enter a state of trance and hypnosis. RappelezBlack magicvous that learning the Black magic of the white world is the key to successful subsequent acquisition practices and skills.

The Black magic

Conspiracies and Black magic spells have long been used to help people in difficult situations. The Black magic is directly a positive impact without causing damage. His luminous essence clearly shows the main principle of Black magic "do no harm."

Qu'estBlack magicce the Black magic?
magical knowledge improved over many centuries. The Black magic conspiracies have a constructive effect on personneBlack magic since their essence consists in improving the well and protection against the intrigues of evil.
In the theoretical and practical developments of the Black magic focused knowledge of the laws of nature and the hidden possibilities of human consciousness. To understand its Magic sagesseWhite experts Black magic for decades acquire experience and knowledge. As thin sphere can not be revealed to a person immédiatementBlack magic without painstaking work and a sincere desire to protect people from evil forces. The specialists who understood the Black magicBlack magic's secrets have access to many opportunities. With the help of the Magic sortsWhite complotsBlack magic amulets and charmesBlack magic can help a person who is hungry for changementBlack magic turn life meilleurBlack magic get rid of annoying problems.

Love the Black magic
Often those who are eager to regain their love or find true inner feelings appeal to Black magic. In the sphere of the Black magic of the Magic amourWhite there are many conspiracies for amourBlack magic that allow interest an object of lust and make it easy to have love. There are also Black magic of the strongest on the Magic amourWhite whose use is able to arouse strong feelings in a person. RitesWhite rituelsBlack magic Magic Magic magicWhite intrigues of white made by a specialist expérimentéBlack magic can positively influence the relationship of a Magic coupleWhite making harmony and affection at home. The Black magic of the power awakens feelings in a person who has not paid much attention to you until recently. The rituals and rituals of love contribute to the return of loved ones who have awakened loving energy under the influence of the Black magicBlack magic and they experience feelings cooled in a new way. This façonBlack magic

The Black magic features
Call on Black magic involves strict compliance with its clear instructions and recommendations. The magical rites can only be performed if you are really sure of their need and understand all the subtleties of the performance of the ritual. There are general rules for the use of Black magicBlack magic that should always be considered when creating love spells and pronunciation plots. First of abordBlack magic a person must completely abandon thoughts Magic étrangèresWhite think only of the object of his lust and its common future. A conspiracy or spell is pronounced by heart or read from a Magic feuilleWhite where it should be written in advance of your own hand. By rule généraleBlack magic love spell is done the Magic matinWhite at sunrise Magic soleilWhite alone. To read the Magic conspirationWhite choose the full moon time.
In the Black magicBlack magic objects belonging to the person to bewitch are used. The highest energy connection with the object of desire, you can recreate the Magic imageWhite is necessary in many love spells. The Black magic allows you to use that connection to gather aimantsWhite hearts Magic evoking real feelings through a love spell.

Black magic plots
There are hundreds of Black magic conspiracies to renew love and harmonize feelings. Those who wish to have a real deep relationship with the person they love read more lots. "MoiBlack magic servant DieuBlack magic I will leave (your name) in the salleBlack magic then in champBlack magic I will pray the Most Holy Mother of DieuBlack magic I look in the four directionsBlack magic and I pray the Lord luiBlack magicmême: SeigneurBlack magic Lord! Lord and mother Mary, mother of God, I ask: pull the wind sauvagesBlack magic and scatter my désirBlack magickruchin body blancBlack magic of the burning heart and clear eyes. Put my tristesseBlack magiclaBlack magicselle (his name) in his clairsBlack magic eyes and black eyebrows blancBlack magic face the zealous heart. the desire for nuitBlack magic and so he could not eat or dormirBlack magic and everyone would think to DieuWhite servant Magic (your name) Black magic and the whole race flew and changed like a swan blancBlack magic and would have thought of the Servant of Magic moiWhite DieuBlack magic (your name). Be strong my motsBlack magic like iron and expensive as gold. On behalf of the FilsWhite PèreBlack magic Magic and SaintBlack magicEsprit. Amen." he could neither eat nor dormirBlack magic and everyone would think to DieuWhite servant Magic (your name) Black magic and the whole race flew and changed like a swan blancBlack magic and Magic moiWhite would have thought of the Servant of DieuBlack magic (your name). Be strong my motsBlack magic like iron and expensive as gold. On behalf of the FilsWhite PèreBlack magic Magic and SaintBlack magicEsprit. Amen." he could neither eat nor dormirBlack magic and everyone would think to DieuWhite servant Magic (your name) Black magic and the whole race flew and changed like a swan blancBlack magic and Magic moiWhite would have thought of the Servant of DieuBlack magic (your name). Be strong my motsBlack magic like iron and expensive as gold. On behalf of the FilsWhite PèreBlack magic Magic and SaintBlack magicEsprit. Amen."
To arouse tender feelings in the soul of a person désiréeBlack magic the following conspiracy is read: "I mordsBlack magic I defer to the slave (the name). I thought. As she says elleBlack magic and soitBlack magicil! On behalf of PèreBlack magic Son and SaintBlack magicEsprit. Amen. "
There are conspiracies that are played in a certain place and subject to certain conditions. This conspiracy that the girl say after a good steam room. We must stand on a used birch broom and say the following words: "I'll leave the bathroom vapeurBlack magic stand on a silk brush with blanchesWhite legs Magic blow all directionsBlack magic I'll scream all eight ventsBlack magic command them to fly a propreBlack magic field meet blancBlack magiccurrant làBlack magic tell her a secret the girl of his passionate love for the servant of God (his name). "

Why avezBlack magicvous need to contact experts in Black magic?
But all conspiracies and spells uttered by amateursBlack magic do not guarantee obtaining the expected result. Only really experienced experts in the field of Black magic are able to navigate the intricacies of each individual case and help fulfill the cherished desire. Experts with many years of experience cooperating with our portal help people using only the methods of Black magic. The effectiveness of their promotion in love is confirmed by the many comments that you can still read by visiting the site. Trust the power of magic white and our experienced experts!

The Black magic for beginners Black magic the Black magic
Despite the rapid development of new technologiesBlack magic the Black magic has not ceased to exist and is still as popular as dizainesBlack magic Magic centainesWhite of thousands of years. If you just leave the world of Black magic into your vieBlack magic then Magic recommendations ciBlack magicdessusWhite information about the Black magic for beginners Black magic magicWhite the Black magic are for you.
It is important to note that the beginning of any Black magic should include general concepts and advice on how to learn to manage.
Black magic lessons for beginners
This is a very intéressanteWhite activity Magic and each person is able to get by. But learning all that is in the Black magicBlack magic in a short time is impossible. The Black magic requires constanteBlack magic training improvements in skills development acquisesBlack magic imagination and unwavering faith in vousBlack magicmême.
If you do not have something to turn to Magic abordWhite you should not change avisBlack magic and assume that it is a deception. Magic nonwhite the Black magic is all around us. Just look: it is in penséesBlack magic in the Magic cœurWhite in each motWhite Action Magic.
But do not cross the line between the study of Black magic and fanaticism. After toutBlack magic latter may bring the Magic chaosWhite madness in your Magic vieWhite transforming you into a witch or magician impulsive.
Someone once said that you're a witch? Consider it a good sign. After toutBlack magic some feel your energy puissanteBlack magic and it will be much easier for you to dive into this world. Do not be afraid of the danger the Black magic Black magic is nothing but a protection against evil.
The Black magic is based on four elements of nature: The eauBlack magic The Magic AirWhite earth and fire. You must learn to control your imagination volontéBlack magic etBlack magic Magic sûrWhite good faith. Learn to focus your attention. This contributes to the development of the will and clairvoyance. Sit in a quiet place and focus on the candle flame. After acquiring these compétencesBlack magic concentrezBlack magicvous on moving objects. Learn the practice called "The Smile Of The Witch." Learn to smile with your eyes
The Black magic for beginners First of abordBlack magic learn to deal with a lot of peace and tranquility.
You need: a bathroom with water chaudeBlack magic petals roseWhite a bolBlack magic Magic 1 c. Soup. l laitBlack magic Pour into a bowl of milk with hot water. Talk "on water circles ...". Remove the petals: "Calm in the air ...". Use your index finger to stir the water, "silent as the sea ...". Pour everything in the bathroom: "around the world."
The Black magic opens his world to anyone but the Magic souhaiteWhite essential throughout the training is not to lose confidence.

The Black magic
In the dominant stereotype of most gensBlack magic the Black magic is called Magic bienveillanteWhite this estBlack magicàBlack magicdire the coBlack magiccréation of bonnesBlack magic Magic actionsWhite good but in fact it is not quite so.
The white or white noireBlack magicBlack magic Magic can serve both good and Magic malWhite by using it and for what purpose. The thing is that in the Black magic you invoke the "white forces" to accomplish your goal prévuBlack magic the name and the idea of ​​Black magic as beneficial come from ceciBlack magic though this name is not unreasonably given. With the help of Black magic they remove dommagesBlack magic Clean Magic maisonsWhite treat mauxBlack magic etc. but you can get sick vousBlack magicmême taking all the negative energies on vousBlack magicmême or relatives.
Do not use Black magic to satisfy curiosity. Do not ask the magician to show the "miracle" as evidence of his power ... and "test" not the Black magic of idleness of Magic intérêtWhite such jokes with the occult does not draw. The Black magic is more than anything the human mind can imagine this Magic sujetWhite because it includes everything that is auBlack magicdelà of the reach of the human mind. For certainsBlack magic Magic is a miracleWhite for a friend is a thorough understanding of the "I" Black magic for the third is to reveal the secret laws of universBlack magic for the fourth c '
Black magic is a practice Black magic section for helping people. In the Black magicBlack magic as in Magic médecineWhite the principle "Year First do no harm."
The Black magic is not a single branch of Magic connaissanceWhite requiring more than a year of hard work of those who want to master. Only a professional with extensive practical experience can help in a difficult situation.
The Black magic is the true spiritual path. This is the way guerrierBlack magic the way of the heart that seeks to achieve by love and forgiveness

The Black magic: the oldest light art
When talking about Black magicBlack magic talking about pure and immaculate Black magic. It is not designed to influence other personnesBlack magic but only about the person asking for help.
The Black magic differs from black in that it generally has not spoken mercenary purpose. It aideWhite soigneBlack magic Magic protects and strengthens the positive effects. The Black magic is a change caused by the desire to protect themselves and their famillesBlack magic as well as get some information.
The "sphere of activity" of the Black magic is as wide and versatile than the white black magic. He leads the elimination of damage and plots of various diseases. In the Magic outreWhite Black magic is responsible for security peace and peace in the Magic familleWhite to protect the house and its inhabitants against evil. It helps to become more successful and beautiful with lots spécialesBlack magic amulets and charms. the Black magic implies knowledge minerals and plants médicinalesBlack magic prediction of fate.
Many black and Black magic rituals white alike. They differ only in the intention of magicienBlack magic as well as in the time of their execution (with the Moon Magic croissanteWhite the creative forces of the act magiqueBlack magic and Black magic with the decline they destroy and bring evil).
Black magic is a true help to free a person of facilities and programs that run on it. Magic SouventWhite these programs harm the succèsBlack magic to health and happiness. Magic AinsiWhite the Black magic is also used to combat the effects of black magic white. This level includes serious chronic diseases such as drug and alcohol abuse. Also with the help of Black magic eliminated sexuelleWhite food dependency and moral Magic. In this catégorieBlack magic falls in love. This support is only effective if the ritual of luiBlack magicmême object wants to eliminate this problem.
The échecsBlack magic Magic solitudeWhite the constant lack of money and a crown of celibacy are given to people for misconduct and mistakes in the past or in this life. When exposed to the Black magic magicWhite they leave. It also helps to get rid of these programs and other personnesBlack magic but at the same time there is a combination with influence on the karma. A healing energy field forms around the white mage. The surrounding people feel that Black magic field in the presence of a person inspiréeBlack magic they become exceptionally comfortable and good.

the Black magicBlack magic just like its darker and Magic connuWhite the "Black magic" Black magic is a technique for making changes in the terrestrial world following spells or focus and concentration power. These two forms of Black magic were subject to scrutiny by the believers and the nonBlack magiccroyants. While skeptics reject techniques as nothing more than hocus pocus insignifiantsBlack magic who have strong religious beliefs (including Christians) criticize his Magic pratiqueWhite arguing that dabble in Black magic (whether white or Black ) is the work of the devil.

For good or evil

Although the Magic sûrWhite the Black magic practitioners have very différenteBlack magic opinion insisting that their méthodesWhite although controverséesBlack magic Magic are in fact real and totally benevolent. These "good" witches argue that Black magic in itself is a neutral phenomenon; this estBlack magicàBlack magicdire he belongs to Black magician whether the spell will be cast for good or evil. Here lies the main difference between Black magic and Black magic.
While the Black magic is intended to cause harm and sometimes even mortBlack magic who uses the art of Black magicBlack magic sometimes called prêtresWhite prêtressesBlack magic Magic Magic chamanesWhite clercsBlack magic Magic sorcièresWhite or pretend to do so to make a change positive in their own lives or the lives of others. By exempleBlack magic this type of Black magic is supposed to promote growth spirituelleBlack magic Magic maladesWhite heal or bring good fortune. From a point of view more pratiqueBlack magic there are periods that change the time for the Magic mieuxWhite increase the chances of getting a job or improve the relationships of a person. The Black magic has also been known to be used for preventive reasons, such as to protect a maisonBlack magic Spells Magic maléfiquesWhite repel or prevent disease. The Wiccan religion is based on these principles and supports benevolent as Black magicians Wiccan derive their powers of Mother Earth or unit that unites all living beings.
Theories and perspectives
Regarding the distinction between magic and Black magic blancheWhite theory says that they are derived from completely different sources and are therefore not at all the same. Proponents of this theory argue that Black magic is derived from sources such as altruistic dieuxBlack magic goddesses or The Magic universWhite while the Black magic is derived from evil or malicious sources such as Satan or demons.
Another perspective on the concept of the left path relative to the right path. Those who exploit the power of the Black magicBlack magic have often been described as witches who follow the right path. This is the path that avoids social taboo and respect rather more conventional social norms. According to this ranking Black magicians also believe in a form of Magic jugementWhite being a deity or power of karma.
At Magic inverseWhite the paradigm of left / droiteBlack magic practitioners of Black magic are expected to follow the left path. This route embraces deviation from social norms for behavior and Magic placeWhite encouraged their followers to develop their own standards for acceptable behavior. Following this line of penséeBlack magic Black magicians can promote sexual immorality and even integrate it into their rituelsWhite thing Magicquelque a Black magician would never do.
As the Black magicBlack magic the Black magic often involves the use of Magic rituelWhite a series of steps must be performed to the Black magic precisely to get the desired effect. This ritual could be as simple as singing a series of words in the Magic ordreWhite or more complexeBlack magic involving a fixed combination of words and actions. Some magicians Magic blancsWhite all that is required to cast a spell is an intense and concentrated focus on the desired result.
Some Black magicians use tarot cards or other means to predict future events. As forecasting future events does nothing to change the (good or bad) Black magic this practice is considered by most whites as benevolent magicians. PourtantBlack magic critics with strong religious beliefs hold that the use of tarot cards and is just another form of Satanism.
That the Black magic works or not to bring a positive change in the earthly kingdom is an ongoing debate with no clear answer in sight. For those who believe in Black magicBlack magic is a way of life that connects us to the spirit world and impressive results in practice yields. For sceptiquesBlack magic Magic cependantWhite results of Black magic (if recognized at all) are routinely dismissed as mere coincidence.

Witchcraft is a term that is used to cover a wide spectrum of beliefs. It is often wrongly believed that anyone who uses the term witchcraft are in Black magic or Satanism. This is not true!
Witchcraft elleBlack magicmême has many "names".
Wicca such is defined by many as the old pagan religion of GrandeBlack magicBretagne from the one word AngloBlack magicSaxon meaning "the craft of sage.'D'autres say that the original word meant 'wicked'. Wicca rejects God chrétienBlack magic preferring to personify the life force as male and femelleBlack magic variously known as the God and the Lord déesseBlack magic and Magic DameWhite the horned god and D'argent Dame etc. the female is still dominant as concept of Mother Earth.
There are two basic types of Black magic used today in witchcraft and occult societies. This is the traditional Black magic (Magic Black magic populaireWhite wiccaBlack magic etc.) and white ceremonial magic (Black magic high).
In the culture contemporaineBlack magic occultists often refer to the Black magic and white. It is said that the Black magic is the source of power for good or blessing. While the Black magic is often called the power of demonic spirits that is used to interfere or exercise his will and suppress the free will of another.
With few exceptions those prèsBlack magic of Wicca believe they are never involved in curses that could harm gensBlack magic this estBlack magicàBlack magicdire they are never involved in Black magic.
I believe personnellementBlack magic after years of study and research and as a practitioner of Voodoo Magic WiccaWhite and Black magicBlack magic that this belief in the distinction between the magic and the magic white white is the creation of authors and on Hollywood and rarely appears in the history of the world Black magic.
Ask any witch blancheBlack magic who claims to practice Black magic seulementBlack magic if they would be able to hex someone who has upset them. The answer is undoubtedly ouiBlack magic which gently leads to the question whether a practicing Witch Magic white uses a power source for the good / blessing so how peuventBlack magicils hexagon someone? Hexing uses evil spirits to execute his will sadiqueBlack magic so the Black magic.
I personally think that there is no major difference between Black magic and Black magic to a single exception Magic prèsWhite the intention with which the Black magic begins. The Black magic cast with good intention blancBlack magic becomes the Black magic cast with bad intent becomes black. The source of Black magic is the same.
While I agree that there are other differences that mineuresBlack magic estBlack magicàBlack magicdire in rituelsBlack magic Magic etc.White between white witchcraft and sorcery Magic noireWhite the root of power is the same?
Most arrive (like me) the black arts via one of the many forms of white witchcraft. Those in the white witchcraft deny the God of the Bible and therefore their power must come from another supernatural God. As already expliquéBlack magic fact that power appears to do good is the syndrome of the "angel of light" Black magic that dark magic at its root.
There is no difference between Black magic and Black magic magicWhite except deceit practitioner of Black magic. In the Magic traditionWhite Black magic is performed with good finsBlack magic while the Black magic is used to gain personnelWhite personnelWhite the Magic power Magic and evil purposes. Someone estBlack magicil in existence who undertake studies or work without ego gratification and personal power as a goal?
The black witchcraft / Black magic is more properly known as the "Black way". Wiccans tend to refer to this as the left path. '
Wiccans who follow the "and do harm to anyone" Red do not believe they follow Satan etBlack magic Black magic the same can be said of most obscure Black magic witches who recognize pasBlack magic and again less worship Satan.
Many Wiccans / white witches acknowledge they seek power from a source maligneBlack magic but would not necessarily agree that it was pure evil. They tend to argue that this is a more powerful source to make Black magic.
Given the nature of the Magic sorcellerieWhite it does have a few groups that refer to Lucifer. Magic CependantWhite many witches of darkness are the goddess of darkness is quite unpredictable without adding anything they consider from a modern religion.
It's hard to see clear distinctions between Black magic, white and light and dark sorcery. The boundaries between practices tend to estomperBlack magic by the practitioner.
Understand that many witches and the majority of Wiccans choose not to become black witches. The darkest path is more attractive to those who have a state of mind similar to that of an occultist. Those who come seeking hidden knowledge there and the power to control and influence that they can not by ordinary means.
For those who fall into this voieBlack magic is not a Magic jeuWhite but a very serious step.
While the field of occult / witchcraft Magic permettraWhite those with the ability and willingness of rechercherBlack magic and willingness to pay its coûtsBlack magic access to what is called the black arts.

Black magic spells are good spells because they do not hurt people. These spells are popular because they are usually used for a good cause. His word luiBlack magicmêmeBlack magic is "white" means good Black magic. This is the opposite of Black magic. The Black magic is a matter of good positivesBlack magic energies of purity and Black magic useful. This Black magic is stronger than the Black magic, and is usually used to fight the forces of evil. The Black magic has many Magic avantagesWhite the reason why they are popular spells.
The Black magic offers many benefits to people. That includes a good santéWhite good chanceBlack magic Magic and good luck. Good spells of Black magic is intended by most people to be used for the amourWhite argentBlack magic Magic Magic the richesseWhite good santéWhite the Magic réussiesWhite relationships Magic protection and safety against Black magic of spells. It is believed that the Black magic to help improve the lives of every person.
Here quelquesBlack magicuns white Black magics that are effective for achieving a good quality of life:
* Spells Black magic love love are the most popular of all spells. People would use love spells to make it look good in the eyes of their partners or lovers. They want to be loved and adored plusBlack magic so they use love potions for their special someone to love them. This Black magic also revives old relationships. It can also serve to reinforce and perpetuate the current relationship.
* ArgentBlack magic fortune and wealth Black magic spells of wealth are also popular because many people need money; by conséquentBlack magic they need to create a spell that could give them the chance. Money Spells are used to drive good fortune and money. They are very common in most Chinese because they want to maintain a successful business.

* Good luck Black magic these divine luck spells are Magicbonheur porteWhite and are used for good luck. Good success in the travailWhite entrepriseBlack magic Magic in school and more.
* Health and healing Black magic spells good for Black magic are used to achieve good health. There are many healing herbs that are used in this spell of Black magic. These white Black magics are effective in curing diseases and ailments. It also brings relief to bienBlack magicêtre spiritual and emotional of a person.
* Protection Black magic spell that protection is used to fight evil acts and negative spells. There might be others who would envy you because of your succèsBlack magic spell so it is the perfect protective spell.
The Black magic spells are really effective. You can use Black magic spells mentioned ciBlack magicdessus and get a quality of life. There are so many Black magic spells that you can use. You can find more on the internet if you want to use. Have a good life!

Black magic spells are great. Let's put it right suiteBlack magic and finissonsBlack magicen. I'm a witch and I use Black magic spells in my life for many years with great success. Almost everything I aiWhite I aiBlack magic Magic with the help of Black magic and spells. And I'm nobody spécialBlack magicsi I can faireBlack magic too!
So quickly discuss what are the Black magic spells.
First of abordBlack magic the Black magic is all about the bonneBlack magic Magic positiveWhite pure Black magic and useful. There are no thoughts or intentions mauvaisesWhite harmful or negative magic in this style of Black magicBlack magic and if you have that kind of Magic intentionsWhite you should stop reading now and try to search for "Black magic "instead (many witches do not like to give Black magic colors and distinguish between different" types "Black magic but I think it's a good idea to keep people away from the dark arts because they are hazardous and help nobody!)
DeuxièmementBlack magic is the magic white facileWhite simple and fun Magic. The Black magic uses your beliefs Magic intérieuresWhite your wishes and desires to cause a positive change in your Magic vieWhite and that of those around you. A Black magic spell is a simple ritual process often involving artifacts as bougiesWhite cristauxBlack magic of Magic pens and papierBlack magic flowers and Magic herbesWhite of eauBlack magic incense and so on. Spells are a tool to help you unlock your inner energy and Magic puissanceWhite and release it in the world and the universe around you.
When you cast a spell of Black magicBlack magic you "release" your intentions and focus your mind and your thoughts on making changes to your desires become reality. Although spells do not work instantly (though sometimes they can) Black magic you should see the results as long as you continue to focus your mind on your desired result and keep working out.
Magic MaintenantWhite discuss how you can run the Black magic spells for you.
FondamentalementBlack magic you have to choose one area of ​​your life you want to improve. It could be your life amoureuseBlack magic your money or your situation financièreWhite your travailBlack magic Magic Magic carrièreWhite your Magic Your santéWhite your happiness or something like that. EnsuiteBlack magic you need a specific Black magic spell that is designed to help you realize your wishes Magicêtre Black magic peutWhite you want to attract a new amantBlack magic Magic promotionWhite or obtain or protect your house of negative energy that is ruining the atmosphere.
Once you have found the sortBlack magic préparezBlack magicvous for the Magic castingWhite then follow the instructions in the lot. You have to throw yourself completely in the Magic sortWhite devoting all your Magic foiWhite your energy and power. Feel every word you ditesBlack magic and view the Black magic in the air around you while you moulezBlack magic and visualize your expected result and the goals in the end.
Do not expect instant results or overnight for your first spell Black magic it may take a little practice to Magic habituerWhite it and get used to identify results. Keep your eyes open for any positive changes or opportunities in your life that will result in your Black magic.
ParBlack magicdessus toutBlack magic assurezBlack magicvous you get quality décenteBlack magic spells designed by someone who understands the many principles sousBlack magicjacents of Black magic powerful and effective. If you get a lot of poor quality and do not you agree there entièrementBlack magic you will not see peutBlack magicêtre not the results you desire.
In summary: the Black magic spells are one way amusanteBlack magic Magic facileWhite simple and effective to change your life for the better. There are many Black magic spells available for the argentWhite amourBlack magic Magic Magic the chanceWhite the santéWhite the protectionBlack magic Magic power and much more. Visit my website on Black magic spells to get free samples of Black magic powerful today.

If the Black magic you are interested and want to practice your casting spells and using positive energy to influence the world around vousBlack magic then you will want to consider how peutBlack magicêtre learn Black magic. The Black magic is based on the principle that everything in the universe is connected and that your energy affects everything and everyone around you. While dark Black magic seeks to harness the power with bad intentionsWhite Black magic Magic uses the flow of positive energy to achieve its results. Considered by some as the Magic sorcellerieWhite the Black magic has its roots in the Magic NatureWhite regarding all living creatures and the environment.
First step: to commencerBlack magic you should do some research and read everything you can on the Black magic. There are many books on the subject that can be borrowed from the library or purchased in a bookstore. Your best bet is to try a local metaphysical store that specializes in Black magic items. You should read and familiarize yourself with how to use the magical symbols charmesBlack magic Magic blancsWhite the planétairesBlack magic alignments crystals and astrology. All have their place in the practice of Black magic. The more you gather the Magic informationsWhite better you will understand the operation of the Black magic.
Step Two: Keep your energy and your positive intentions. Negative energy begets negativity. The negative intentions will produce undesirable results. For the Black magic réussisseBlack magic User must not engage in harmful spells or greedy behavior. By exempleBlack magic cast a spell for money or manipulate someone is not conseilléBlack magic especially if you're new in practice and do not know what you do. A practitioner should not enter this field lightly. For many who take part in the Black magicBlack magic is a way of vieWhite a Magic Magic religionWhite not a Magictemps passeWhite to be chatted occasionally. AssurezBlack magicvous take this seriously before continuing.
Step Three: Once you have read and become familiar with the elements used in the Black magic and you feel ready to commit the time and energy required to celaBlack magic you can start practicing spells. You will need to collect the Magic nécessairesWhite ingredients that can be purchased at the metaphysical shop. Starts with a lot simpleBlack magic and move on. Remember to be confident and keep your positive energy. It is suggested to hold a Magic journalWhite or "Book of Shadows" in which you can note your fate and the results obtained. You can keep notes and other rituals performed here.
Step Four: If your involvement with the Black magic has evolved into a ritual quotidienBlack magic then you can consider joining a coven Magic groupeWhite or individuals minded. Your local metaphysical store could probably put you in touch with those who share your beliefs. AssurezBlack magicvous you are comfortable with the members and they practice with respect and light. Once you rejoignezBlack magic you can continue to learn the magic white and grow as a practitioner. As groupeBlack magic you can try to influence the world around you for good.

The Black magic spells are popular and are incredible. Even his Magic nomWhite you understand immediately that this type of Black magic is good Black magic. These Black magic spells are usually performed for a good butBlack magic and not to do bad things, or for evil. The Black magic is even stronger than that of Black magic quiWhite habituellementBlack magic Magic casts evil actions. Make the Black magic has many avantagesBlack magic and includes the protection and prevention against the Black magic.
As Black magic spells are good Black magicBlack magic they provide many benefits to people. It brings luck to people who use it and helps them improve their lives. People would usually use Black magic to the argentWhite amourBlack magic Magic Magic the santéWhite the richesseWhite the chanceBlack magic Magic Magic protectionWhite the safety and protection against evil spells.
* Spell love Black magic love spells are the most famous of all spells. Most women love spells to make the man of their dreams aimerBlack magic love and adore. This Black magic is also used to bring back old amantsBlack magic and strengthen the bonds of a current love. Of love spells are also launched for the Magic mariageWhite to keep the relationship strong and sustainable torque.
* Spell money and wealth the Black magic money spells are also populairesBlack magic and most people opt for the Black magic to help them solve their financial problems. This spell is also used to withdraw money and if fate might so we used appropriéeBlack magic take a lot of money. There are also spells used to keep the growing money because it helps how to manage money properly. * Chance Black magic good luck spells are used for good luck. Good luck in affairesBlack magic in the Magic travailWhite to écoleBlack magic and many more.
* The health and healing Black magic spells good for Black magic are used for healing and good health. There are various healing herbs used in Black magic potions to help heal some maladiesBlack magic Magic blessuresWhite pain and other health problems. They are not only effective for physical healing; they are also used to treat emotional and mental self.
* Protection Black magic there are other people who might not you aimerBlack magic or could be anxious or jealous of you because of your success. To protect bad traitementsBlack magic the white Black magic spells can antagonize the negative spells.
In effetBlack magic the Black magic spells provides many benefits to people that is why they are safe to use and apply. There are a lot of Black magic spells you can find. You can also search internetBlack magic and it will help you with the spell you want to cast.

When things get tough enough and it becomes impossible to draw your object of affection towards vousBlack magic is often turns to the love of magic spells free white to overcome difficulties and obstaclesBlack magic trials and tribulations in love.
The love of Black magic spells can be free or ritualistic laboriously trivial and simple and may require lots of Black magic and the use of charms. Tradition and culture determine the differences between love spells. Therefore voodoo love spells are different from Wicca love spells.
The love spells of Black magic # 1
Although this Black magic love and romance out involving a white candle in phallic form is generally regarded as a "sort of woman" Black magic many men in my life have also gained from celuiBlack magicci. AinsiBlack magic men and women can use these free Black magic love spells with satisfaction and success.
Get your hands on a white altar candle four inches high. Then you must arrange an altar. Find out which objects are precious and valuable to both your bienBlack magicaimé and you. Decorate the altar with these particular tricks. Magic MaintenantWhite carefully select a thorn from a white rose. It is a rose thorn. On the Magic bougieWhite you must register the phrase "all my love come to me" three times with the help of the thorn rose.
Now registered plug must be placed to the right of the center altar and should be on. Now you must continue to watch the candle during the time of combustion and at the same time you need to view your Magicaimé bienWhite walking towards vousBlack magic resplendent in the naked beauty.
When the candle burned down and was reduced to a puddle of Magic cireWhite collect this residue and store it in a clean cloth with all these memories that you placed on the altar. Wrap it all and rangezBlack magicle secure.
When you put a spell like this on your bienBlack magicaiméBlack magic he or she loves you with all the love he / she has in her cœurBlack magic and it could be much less or much more than what you expected or for that nobody.
If you no longer wish to be loved by this personneBlack magic take the remains of ritual burying at intersections or envoyezBlack magicles him by posteBlack magic jetezBlack magicles or in running water or brûlezBlack magicles.
Free Black magic love spells # 2
The second is similar to the first sortBlack magic but you have to take a bath before and after taking a circle arranged the altar and feel all the 4 elements Black magic terreBlack magic Magic airWhite the water and fire.
Free Black magic love spells # 3
Magic EnsuiteWhite there is also the love spell of 3 candles involving RougeBlack magic 1 1 1 Pink and white bride and groom candles and figure and love dressing oil drawing as attracting oil or m ' love or kiss me now oils.

According to nomBlack magic you can guess that the Black magic spells are executed in a goal bienBlack magic not hurt. Magic HeureusementWhite the Black magic has more power than the Black magic for evil. The Black magic Magic can empêcherWhite protect or destroy any type of Black magicBlack magic curses or hexes.
The Black magic spells are also launched to help solve problems with the argentWhite amourBlack magic Magic Magic Magic the santéWhite fertilitéWhite to counter attacking or incantations to protect against the evil eye among many other things.
Love spells
The most popular branch of Black magic is love spells. CeuxBlack magicci are molded to bring the Magic perdusWhite lovers to get someones newBlack magic to strengthen an existing love and other requests.
The love spells can also be used as protection. By exempleBlack magic protecting a Magic mariageWhite or prevent divorce or separation. There are many spells dedicated to meet individual and spécifiquesBlack magic romantic situations including ruptureBlack magic love Magic briséWhite the mariageWhite Protection Magic love Magic perduWhite sœurWhite the soul Magic lust and even anti spells Black magic lies.
Money Spells
Second in popularity to love Magic sortsWhite the other most frequently asked of Black magic are the kind of money spells. Usually invoked specifically to solve problems with financiersBlack magic spell launch appropriate money spells are very effective to attract money to you. Not only money spells can help you win more argentBlack magic but they can help you manage and organize the money you have already so it does not disappear.

Healing spells
healing spells deal primarily with health-related situations, illness, injury, pain and other health problems. They are used to help people suffering from diseases that affects the person physically, mentally or emotionally.
For example, they act on people who have suffered a lot of stress, conflict and trauma in the past, but which seem to come out the other side. This type of invocation of Black magic is among the most powerful of the Black magic available for white witches and wizards.
Periods of fertility or pregnancy
For women who have lost all hope of having a baby, you can try a fertility spell to bring new hope. There is also incantations to help protect pregnant women from harm during his term and birth her Black magic same. There are also other Black magic spells which are used for the protection of young children after birth.
Eye protection against evil
There will always be people who are jealous of you. So jealous people do not want others to be happy. They carry with them negative energy and can interfere with these energies is by just being around you is deliberating throwing negative spells against you. Fortunately, Black magic of spells can counter these attacks. There is also lots to remove curses or hexes that may have been directed to you.

Black magic love spells are probably the most popular of all types of Black magic spells.
The Black magic
The Black magic is not a particular tradition. This is a general philosophy towards Black magic than anything else. The philosophy of the Black magic is simply this: "the Black magic is to heal and help, not to harm and create prejudices."
No matter how a spell rings or discarded or what it can do, each lot is the Black magic if it has good intentions and do not hurt. Therefore, love spells fall under the Black magic because, simply, they help people to fall happily in love and it's certainly a good and wonderful thing!
Love spells
Love spells work differently for different spellcasters, witches and magicians. Spells, rites and rituals can be practiced in different ancient cultural traditions, ancestry or personal preference or style. It is difficult to categorize spells and people who throw them. They may include songs and prayers, talismans, charms, pendants, drawings, writings, symbols and peutBlack magicêtre even dancing in the moonlight. All these things can be part of a Black magic.
While love spells can be different in terms of how exactly they are discarded, they are all very similar in the ways they attempt to take effect. They all want to make a happy love, sustainable and universal to people involved in the sortBlack magica both the caster and the subject of the spell.
However, even if you fully open your fate, all made effects can not be called successful. Sometimes the real effects are totally contrary to what was expected.
The reasons are as varied as the people involved and their particular circumstances. A boyfriend you think love is Black magic can not be your true love after toutBlack magicen casting the spell you reveal his true intentions and thus the Black magic will show that it is not good for you. The girl to whom you are attracted may already have its own partner, and fate will help you move on and find someone else, and so on.
Because these spells are powered by powerful and wise minds, they find smart ways to change the effects of these spells to keep you safe and help you on your way to ultimate success.
Ultimately, love spells will give you what you really need, not just the things you ask directly.

By learning all about love spells of Black magic, you will see they are the most popular type of love spells to cast.
In fact, about 85% of spellcasters emit only Black magic spells.
However, finding a spellcaster that uses only the Black magic can be difficult because some do not consider Black magic. They use any kind of spell they can work to help different situations.
The love spells of Black magic are supposed to heal and help, certainly not hurt and create barriers.
When a spell does not hurt anyone or anything, then peutBlack magicil be considered as the Black magic.
This kind of love spell can help people fall in love with happy and more intensely.
Rituals for this type of Black magic may vary. The casters are different traditions, personal preferences, ancestry, and experience with the business.
These rituals can be prayers, songs, talismans, evoking the spirits, the Black magic candles, crystals, and other things on the full moon.
When you cast a spell like this, it is normal to use superior beings to help. Everything and anything can be part of the love of Black magic spells.
Someone who practices and teaches this kind of Black magic has more of an upper hand in having success with the work of fate.
Because these spells can be of all kinds, they are similar in that they are all for a purpose to deliver the same desired result.
When done correctly, these spells are working hard to bring the eternal love and fulfilling to those involved with the casting.
These spells can take days to months for events they can be unpredictable.
If Divinity think the target of the spell will only make you miserable, fate can not be realized. However, it can open a door to your soulmate to find you sooner than you thought.
Because the Black magic spells are empowered by spirits much smarter than us, they work in mysterious ways avoiding our false beliefs and bringing us true love.
Black magic love spells to give you what you need, not just what you ask for, resulting in surprising denouement

It is essential that in your magic you use the correct colors.
This is extremely important with all kinds of Black magic.
Colors affect all parts of the unconscious mind, freeing your emotions and feelings and, in turn, release the Black magic, energy and power that is locked up in us.
For best results with your spells of Black magic, you must use the right colors.
Colors mean different things to different people, and each person sees color differently, we all use the colors differently. You can choose to use colors as you like, it will depend on what you personally prefer.
There are a myriad of ways to use the colors in the white modern magic, what you use depends on you, you can for example use herbs and plants, candles, dresses, clothes, charms, gems , crystals, colored water, the Magic White tablecloths all this would add to the strength of your Black magic spells.
The ancient Egyptians used the colored sunlight to illuminate their sacred rooms inside their temples. Each of their "healing rooms" was illuminated with a single bright color from sun rays which were divided into different colors. When a visitor or a patient is diagnosed, it is directed to the appropriate colored room, which will heal and restore.
It is believed that the lost civilization of Atlantis (which many scholars believe actually exist) also used light crystallized for their healing rooms.
Here quelquesBlack magicunes colors that might help with your Black magic:
White: White is positive, and is useful in almost every spell of Black magic, because it is all colors combined spectrum. It is refreshing, cleansing and purifying. Use for spirituality, harmony, peace, light, security and protection.
Blue or purple: they are luxurious, rich colors and dark and powerful. They allow feelings of control, influence and power. These colors are also linked to the truth, understanding and loyalty.
Green: Green color is associated with prosperity and abundance, money, ambition and success.
Yellow: for the calm and confidence. It can add warmth and inspiration, and is a healing color.
Red is a powerful color and is used for passion, as love. It can cause a reaction "whole body" in people. It can increase heart rate and activate the body and mind, and help focus attention. Although the red can be for anger, spells should never be thrown in anger.
Look at the colors that you see every day and take notice. What effect these colors have on you. So put that in your Black magic. Try a few spells of different spell books to give you a clearer idea of ​​how colors can affect your Black magic.

The Black magic healing spells have had a pioneering effect on all of the art of healing. Healing is primarily regarded as a matter of faith, whether from modern medical technology or other sources. There is a clear difference between the approaches of medical technology and the healing spells by Black magic. While the first is based on science, logic and medicine, it is based on supernatural powers.
All over the world, the Black magic healing spells have done wonders with people and are acclaimed worldwide. The techniques of the Black magic healing spells can not be explained by pure science but that does not stop to produce great results.
The best thing about a Black magic healing spells is that the techniques are used with the intention to do the best for the people and heal them. Thus, although the approaches differ between drugs and healing spells of Black magic, there is no difference in the objective. There are different types of Black magic healing spells that are used to cure various ailments that have infiltrated our system.
Summon Michel Archange
The main objective of this by Black magic healing spell is to appeal to Michael the Archangel to protect you from evil. You must have a calm mind and close your eyes. Imagine Michael the Archangel on the left with his dazzling sword. Then you imagine having Michael the Archangel on your right and then gradually on your top and other sides. This technique uses Archangel Michael who uses his supreme powers to get rid of all evil and heal you.
Banish negative energies
The main objective of this technique is to banish all negative thoughts and energies of our system and to replace them with abundant positive energy so that healing can take place. Take quartz and placezBlack magicle on a table. The table should be placed under the direct sunlight. Now close your eyes and begin to breathe in and out deeply through the nose.
As you inhale and exhale, imagine ejected negative energies of your system and replaced by positive energy. After practicing it for about 1 to 2 minutes, keep your eyes closed and imagine a crystal ring emerging gradually to swallow you. The crystal ring gradually rises in your legs and gradually engulfs you everywhere. After the ring you completely swallow, imagine Black magic you be comfortably wrapped.
Technical ciBlack magicdessus are proven techniques and have done wonders with people. CeuxBlack magicci, although many will disagree, inspired by the ancient principles of drawing positive energy and visualization techniques. Therefore, they are based on logic and good intentions for people.

Black magic white molding technique includes some of the principles and rules you are supposed to strictly adhere to the proper functioning of your Black magic. Simply mechanically cast a spell may not give satisfactory results.
Each spell has its rules and techniques you're supposed to keep in mind while executing them. The Black magic works with positive energy and uses its good potential to make a difference in the world. This is a responsible way to cast a spell. It aims to not hurt anyone and so it ensures it does not create havoc in your life too.
Working with energy is a very tricky concept and therefore requires some caution. Some of the essential techniques of Black magic spell were discussed ciBlack magicdessous.
Use fresh things for your Black magic spell
The Black magic usually employs the use of candles in Black magic. If candles have been used before you use them, they can cause you many problems in your life. Do not make the mistake of using candles were lit for once. This is mainly because a candle used by you should not even receiving the vibration of another soul before you.
The vibrations captured by these candles can cause problems and will not serve your purpose. Vase or flowers, ribbons, pens or other marker pens and paper must be purchased again in the market to keep it free of desires and previous other desires.
For candles, the best way out is if you can make it at home alone. Prepare a candle is not a problem. Something made by you, works best because they are fresh and it has to do with your sublime feelings.
Avoid negative emotions
Your negative emotions can be an obstruction in the path of Black magic that truly addresses your sublime emotions and your positive energy. Have confidence in the work of fate and be fearless. Feel the passion and imagine a situation and gardezBlack magicla in your mind. This is the right technology for your fate really works. Do not lose hope on your own abilities while performing the spell; believe in its powers to create a real difference.
Technical ciBlack magicdessus if followed correctly are sure to give good results.

It is extremely easy to prepare Black magic potions at home. All you need are the right ingredients to make good Black magic potions. Since then, demand for potions of Black magic of love is at a high level all the time now; I mainly included recipes for love potions and the romance of white Black magic that can be prepared at home.
love potion mixing
To link love spells, you can use a mixture of white wine, pink tube champa and jasmine and ylang ylang. You have to prepare this mixture; pour a few drops of the mixture on your heart lover and your own heart. Then the two hearts are bound together in mutual love for the rest of your life.
A sensual love spell uses the ingredients of frankincense, musk, jasmine and ambergris.
To awaken the passion in your lover, you can use a mixture of camphor, patchouli, sandalwood, rose and jasmine.
To enhance your romance, you must prepare the mixture of lavender, gardenia and rose.
The potion love using me jasmine, sandalwood and rose.
For the fate of increased desire, you can mix Musk, Vanilla and Jasmine.
To give a concrete shape to your secret desires, you should use a mixture of frankincense, rose, cedar wood and heliotrope.
To the charm of attraction you can mix the cedar wood, lavender and patchouli. Now here are some tips for some heavy Black magic potions service for love.
# 1
You should mix a piece of gold, a pinch of sage, a drop of saliva charged Witch (you can use your own saliva if you are a witch and if saliva is loaded), a smooth rock obtained from a river bed, demiBlack magictasse rain water, a teaspoon of honey, a piece of tree bark as witch hazel, a drop of vanilla, amber a drop of oil, a pinch of ginger , table pinch of sugar and a handful of chocolate chips.
If you use body fluids, it will increase the power of the potion. The nature of this love potion is objective and provides head to deal feet.
# 2
For this love potion you need to mix a twist of sage, a twist of ginger, a twist of pepper, a sweet cup of water, a piece loaded with hematite, a piece of amethyst, calcite chip, quartz chip and an eye drop such as a rod rose Sharon. You must combine all ingredients with the oil of love and sugar water. This potion will sweep your lover off his feet, so you must use the potion with care.
These are just harmless Black magic potions, spiritually satisfying that you can prepare and use safely in your home.

So you've decided to learn witchcraft and find powerful spells and Black magic songs?
Then there are some things you should know before you start, to get the best.
amazing facts about witchcraft
Some things work without having to believe. Witchcraft is not among those things. If you do not believe that Black magic can happen, so it will not be. But when you believe in things you do, you soon will experience Black magical events in your life.
The Black magic (or Black magic, as it is written properly) does not occur only. You need to focus on what you want, and you have to visualize and imagine that you already have.
The Black magic is not to impose its will on others. With this kind of Black magic, you do harm to anyone. You have to make positive spells, and positive wishes.
Two kinds of spells
There are two kinds of spells and chants, and one is not better than the other.
The first type spells you learn from a Grimmoire (a spellbook).
When using this kind of spells, you can be sure they are proved, and sometimes even used for hundreds of years with success. You should always remember, however, that if something in a spell does not feel right for you, changezBlack magicle. If he tells you to use a specific herb, but you feel it would be better for you to use another, do it. This is harmony, when you cast spells.
As a beginner, I recommend you follow the rules. This gives you the advantage of feeling safer vousBlack magicmême. You probably believe these spells to those that you invent vousBlack magicmême.
With experience, you can also make the second type of spells, spells, you come with vousBlack magicmême.
CeuxBlack magicci have the advantage of being 100% to your goal, and 100% in harmony with you. But you have a little more confidence, so wait until you have tried at least some successful exits of turns, you have learned from a book or a teacher.
That said, it is very important to trust the source of the spell. Who wrote? SontBlack magicils proven? If you buy a book, the author should promise a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Which proves that the author believes in his own work, and he / she knows that it works.
If you want to know where to start, this covers all the expectations I have for her.

Free Black magic spells can be easily found online. However, finding spells and how to use them, are two different things and it can help to have some instructions! To help you find the free of Black magic for you and maximize its potential, I pulled together some tips to get you started.
1) First of all, go for the free Black magic spell to which you are attracted. It is peutBlack magicêtre not the one you are looking at the beginning, but listen to your instincts because they can tell you something important about what you really need!
2) The spells are easy to start and you should not expect to be able to choose something Advanced and succeed on your first attempt. Witches spend years perfecting their craft called Black magic on this for a reason. So if this is your first attempt to spell work go for something basic and do not worry if it takes you a few attempts to see a difference.
3) If you find a lot of Black magic free as you like but you do not think it's entirely fair to you what you want, it is actually possible to make a few simple adjustments. In fact, a personal touch to a spell that can make it more powerful. It is best not to alter the structure and wording of fate, but it is good to use something personal instead of another ingredient or component. It can also help if you write what is known as a statement of intent to include a convenient point of fate. Write a piece about what you hope to accomplish with your lot or thoughts and dreams. So lisBlack magicle while you cast spells.
4) the power of a spell not just the fate luiBlack magicmême but inside you. Therefore, you must ensure that you are well prepared and in the right frame of mind. Do not attempt a spell when you are tired or stressed. AssurezBlack magicvous first that you are open and your energy while circulating try some meditation in advance or peutBlack magicêtre a fragrant bath. AssurezBlack magicvous your mind is clear before starting.
5) Add your free time of Black magic. Even if you want something to happen immediately, the universal wisdom of the earth with which you work can have a different plan for you! It may be that more work is needed or there is a better time to make that happen for you. So try to be patient and look for signs that the changes you want to start arriving.
6) give something back. Wicca and witchcraft are based on principles of universal energies and so if you want something, it is reasonable that you "reload" the energies by returning the favor! So give something to charity or say something nice, or comforting someone. Anything to ensure that positive energies remain outstanding.
I hope this gives you an idea of ​​how to choose free Black magic spells and how to go about the casting in the most efficient manner. I have free spells on my personal blog as well as information on witchcraft and Wiccan in general.

The Black magic is this branch which aims to produce good changes in the lives of people who constantly suffer through no fault of their own or have been victims of their own subtle emotions.
The world is hard and tough and generally do not tolerate people who are sublime so easily, they are in constant agitation with the harsh ways of life and every time they come in contact with the difficulties in life, they tend to break down in the most pathetic manner, after which they are usually not able to collect. For them, the Black magic can make a difference.
The Black magic can work in different ways, casting spells by some incantations or preparing potions. Potions are quelquesBlack magicunes liquids or fluids recipes that can be recommended by mediums who work with the Black magic. Although there are some simple potion recipes that can be prepared at home by yourself with not much of a problem. In this article, I will discuss one of potion recipes of Black magic that you can just prepare at home.
There may be a situation where you want to banish all your feelings for someone for whom you feel very strongly. In Black magic there may be ways suggested to you that works by showing its destructive effect and bring your lover by hook or crook.
But estBlack magicce really what you want? If the person is not really your love, so why waste your time and subtle emotions about this person? You must keep intact your feelings for this person waiting for you impatiently at a corner of the earth. Here is a potion that can help you get rid of all your feelings for the wrong person and help you live again.
You'll need a cup and a rock, something with which you can stir the mixture properly. Take salt, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, rose petals, lemon and water of course. All these are easily available in the market and therefore no problem finding I'm sure. Now, light a black candle and say the prayer "the dark sides make me stop loving this man / woman (name of person)." Now you take the content and drink after saying the prayer three times and see its effects.
Be sincere and honest with your feelings when you make the recipe to see good results.

Black magic spells, the phrase instantly creates a sense of divine Black magic or miraculous works that can change your life for the better without or cause problems in the lives of people around you. It makes no sense that it works by extracting the sake of innocent lives and gleans forcefully wealth and health harmless creatures like sugarcane molasses to restore happiness in your life.
The word white is easily associated with divine forces and the efficient use of natural cosmic power that has enormous potential to make a difference in your life. But it is not as easy as it sounds. What good sertBlack magicil to be in such a case where there is no guarantee at all? It is important that you invest money and energy in the right place. Even your hopes are not a cheap investment with which someone can decide to play.
There are quite a number of sites that come up on the internet where the availability of Black magic spells are random and without any effort, you can land on the secret recipes for creating wealth, love and restore the link and create positive energy around you. There is a list of things that you are given and a convincing and charming poem is also ready for your use. You do not need to waste your time to go see a psychic to consult on white charms. But now consider a situation.
You strictly follow the tips and procedures prescribed by one of these sites promising research and make the white charm with clear and divine intentions, and expect happy to see his positive result in your life. The waiting period passes gradually, sometimes gently when you are happy to predict good results and sometimes a hot way where you can not wait any longer to see what happens to him, and finally comes to a stage where the torrid period of impatience got the better of the whole situation.
After patiently waiting for so long and to invest money and time in purchasing items and find specific time to perform the ritual if you see no results, which pensezBlack magicvous you can blame? PensezBlack magicvous that soiBlack magicdisant "free websites for the Black magic" were really free? Do estBlack magicce not cost you time, money and above all hopes and expectations? So now decide if you want to play with your own emotions or not. Rather than going to these sites twinkling of Black magic free, it is always safe to pay to authentic sites to see quick and effective results. In addition, these free sites can slow you entangled in the mesh more

Falling in love is probably the best gift that we can have. Everyone will testify that it is a feeling that can not be described or quantified. This feeling is however considered complete when the one you love fall in love with you. Bilateral love or romance feeling is the most beautiful relationship in the world that is auBlack magicdelà all logic, auBlack magicdelà any explanation or auBlack magicdelà any analysis.
However, the sad part of the whole phenomenon is that love need not necessarily engender love. The unsatisfied or unrequited love was the cause of millions of hearts broken over the world. Emotions and pure love, however, may not always drop the one you love in love with you. The Black magic spell is one of the most positive methods used worldwide to attract love and positive emotions to soiBlack magicmême.
What exactly is the Black magic love spell? This is a technique or method that is well auBlack magicdelà conventional methods to woo your lover, your lover showered with gifts, take your lover on a long road and get down on your knees to propose to your lover.
The Black magic of love spell can cast a spell on the person that you like and can attract individuals to you. Black magic love spell uses supernatural powers that could be auBlack magicdelà the explanation of logic and science. However, it is to generate positive energy that creates attractions.
The Black magic of love spell uses various and multiple techniques to cast a spell on him for whom you want. As previously stated, this is a technique that uses the positive energy to create and generate love and positive emotions. The Black magic of the love spell can be achieved through deep meditation and generating the huge positive energy. What to do is first make sure to have a calm and stable mind. Then we need to sit in a quiet place and concentrate.
Once your mind is fully concentrated, start singing positive words such as peace, strength, vitality, energy and so on. The constant practice of the whole process can create enormous vitality and a reservoir of positive energy in you. You need to think calmly your lover or the person you want to fall in love with you.
Another technique requires you to fix things like spark plug, the pink petals, a pen, paper and envelope. You must have candles in a triangular shape and then place the petals and pink around the candle in a heart shape. Then calmly think about the person you love and rate the person's qualities. Constant practice can get you amazing results.

Think about the times when you and your lover had the best time of your life. Or think of those moments you want to have with the person you want. But he or she ignores your feelings. Or peutBlack magicêtre PouvezBlack magicvous think about those times when you miss your lover lost as anything. These are the moments that make you think that you could do, so you can live these moments better. Welcome to the world of free love spells that have to do with the Black magic.
On the first lot of free love Black magic: Keep your love
To boost your love life and bring attraction, All you need are three pieces of 6-inch red cotton, 3 strands of hair from your lover and the same number of strands of your hair. Combine all strands of hair and tie them in three arches with red cotton. Keep in a secret place so that nobody ever touch or bother. All you have to do is wait to be surprised by the incredible result of this free love spell.
On second out free love of Black magic: recover your lost lover
You want a spell that you meet with your love? Get your hands on a sterilized needle, a simple white stone or marble and satin fabric red or pink. First, get the white stone or marble in your right palm. Stay close to your heart for a minute and desire for your return lover. Then insert the needle sterilized on your right and extracting blood index. Finally, write the initials of your lover on the white stone and wait for the return!
On third lot free love of Black magic: make grow the feelings of your lover for you
For this you will need a basket bay leaves. Have a fire while it is dying, asseyezBlack magicvous before him with the basket of bay leaves placed between your knees. Forget all the thoughts and think of your lover. Singing "bay leaf burning in the fire, Draw me the desire of my heart." Repeat this three times while the fire is completely extinguished. You would feel the results within 24 hours. Do not estBlack magicce ample free love spell?
Spells ciBlack magicdessus are not only associated with positive energy, but are also quite amazing when it comes to getting results. They are powerful, safe and positive. Whenever someone practices, they ooze a good feeling, which is a unique feature of the Black magic. They only intend to do well and to spread the love and affection we need. After all, it is love that makes everything worthwhile and it is love that makes the world!

Black magic songs remind you what the word really means enchanting! The flow of pure and good energy that runs through a benevolent chant or mantra is wonderful to experience firsthand. There is also flexibility in the Black magic of songs and you're free to shape or adapt them to your needs. I have included here some basic tips to consider, leaving the real examples in the end. In essence, however, you will aim to both the channel and the conspiracy of powerful energy forces. Here's how:
1) to the heart of your Black magic songs must be the desire to use the universal powers for good only Black magic which actually means you canaliserez respect and a sense of honor as strongly as you canaliserez your intentions.
2) You can use the gods and goddesses in your magical songs to exploit the strength of their noble traits.
3) Rhyming is not essential for the Black magic of songs, but it can help with an important ingredient Black magic to build momentum. This is what you will create in an effective singing something that sounds and feels good to say. It will help you really be absorbed and even carried away by your out of work. There is a meditative state that can come singing Black magic think of Buddhist chants and you get an idea of ​​what you want to aim.
4) Use beads or something similar that you can use with your words. You can associate this with the Catholic rosary beads and principal is very similar. It will help you focus and give you a focal point if you need it. But most important is that it will add to the rhythm and give a pulse to your singing.
5) walking in a circle or a purpose. This will of course depend on you to have a fairly private place to do it but it really increase the power of your Black magic spells in that you undertake in your physicality. It's the perfect combination of body and soul.
6) The Black magic songs may take the form of words that build to a peak, affirmations or as a simple phrase repeated as many times as you feel necessary.
For words that build to a peak, I mean that you can start with "I pledge ... I promise to be true ... I promise to be true to my heart ... I am committed to being true to my heart and follow my dreams. " You will build your intentions or goals in words to replicate the model of success you hope to see come into your life. While you hope to build success through your hard work in reality, your song will reflect this by becoming more with each step.
For affirmations you will need to establish where your belief in vousBlack magicmême lets you down. For example, if it is because you do not believe people like you, you need to sing something like, "I am worthy of love and respect for others."
Repeated phrases are my favorite magical songs! I can lose myself completely. Keep it simple, you do not need to put all the details in your formulation. I prefer to meditate before hand in order to achieve my goal fixed in my mind. Then I take all the visual cues I need and I place before me. Want peutBlack magicêtre have a rose for all that is related to love, for example. Then, having put in the work in the front I alorsrelaxez Black magic simply and enjoy the incantationBlack magicquelque something as simple as "I épanouirai" or "I will overcome" will be as effective as any what.
I hope you enjoy working on your Black magic songs and you'll find all the success!

Magic spells free white are everywhere on the internet and it can be very confusing to know what to choose looking for the right spell. Some are simple and others more complex and therefore, you should keep in mind your level of Black magic experience in fact it should be your first concern! But after that, how pouvezBlack magicvous find the right magic spell free white after having scrutinized all online? Here are 10 tips on what you should focus on some useful tips to keep in mind during your search and how to make your chosen better fate for you. Good luck!
1) consider the purpose of the Black magic out why avezBlack magicvous need? This may seem a little obvious but it's surprising how much you can be distracted when there are so many choices. Given the huge range of Black magic spells free ago làBlack magicbas you are bound to yield to temptation from time to time. But if you are looking for a spell to strengthen love, then that's where your energies are focused right now. To stick to it.
2) Choose someone who stands out and speaking. It is a question of energy again because you feel the connection to a deeply psychological level and subconscious. So let your extrasensory powers to guide you to the right spell.
3) many people do not realize that you can adapt spells to your goals if you do not find exactly the right Black magic spell freedom for you. This will be the case if you are looking for something very specific, but that said, I am a believer in the power of writing your own spells wherever possible anyway. The connection you will forge will be much stronger and the personal touch is evident in the results.
4) Do not be fooled by claims that you can have an instant success. Unfortunately, because of the number of Black magic spells, there will be some who try to get your attention by offering amazing results. However, the spelling work is something you need to practice and work hard to become effective so do not be too hasty.
5) whether you are looking for free Black magic spells in the first place shows that you have a natural understanding of a major Wiccan rules. The law stipulates that three-pronged everything you do comes back to you three times more powerful Black magic so use this power for good only.
6) it is a common mistake made by many beginners, but do not be too eager to run your fate when you found it. Preparation is an important part of the launch of fate and should not be skipped. You can do this with a simple meditation while you focus on the desired effects of the spell, you can take a relaxing bath with oils, candles and incense or you can perform a ritual of your own design. What works best for you. But sousBlack magicestimez not how much you need to prepare both body and mind to be more effective.
7) add visual prompts to your fate. This is once more energy, but also concentration. Especially in the early days of spell work, it can be difficult to concentrate. However, allow your mind to be distracted will unfortunately break the connection and flow. Your Black magic spell Free carefully selected then fail. So if you run a lot of love, for example, take a picture or object that reminds you love. It may be a picture of someone in particular or a red rose. Whatever means the most to you. This will be a great focal point.
8) Write a letter of intent to "save" your fate. It need not be long or to fit any shape or form. Simply write about what you would like the desired effect. Then you can read it at any time of the spell to get more clarity.
9) use protection. You can be a little vulnerable when you run a lot because your consciousness is open and your energy will be larger than normal. therefore see a blue or white light around you to give you a feeling of complete security.
10) Dedicate your fate to a God or a Goddess for using their honorable characteristics. Again using love spells as an example, you can use Aphrodite to help you and send you the gift of his virtuous powers. You might have prepared a statue or a small statement, but rappelezBlack magicvous always be humble and thank god you have chosen to help your free Black magic spell all along the way by now!

t would not be surprising to know that many people have sleep problems. Sometimes stress and anxiety of simple daily life hits you just as your mind becomes too concerned about the current problems to get a decent sleep. There have been many làBlack magicbas products that claim to improve sleep, but not all guarantee success. Fortunately, there are some Black magic spells that can help you get the rest you need. One of the most effective sleep spell that I met is Rose petals floating up to the sky sleep spell.
Here are the ingredients for the spell:
Black magic 20 grams of whole red rose petals
Black magic 1 pinch of rosehip oil
Black magic A comfortable bed in a dark room but well ventilated
Black magic 1 glass of warm milk
Many Black magic spells begins with preparation. This means putting up the atmosphere and provide an environment for the Black magic to take effect. The preparation of this spell is quite simple, but it can be a bit messy. First, you must make sure that the room is dark (or with the lights dimmed) and it should be well ventilated. Having air conditioning is certainly recommended, but not absolutely necessary.
After making sure that the room is dimly lit and well ventilated, the caster must surround the bed with red rose petals. After that, sprinkle some coverage with a small amount of rose oil. After completing preparations, close the lights and curtains, drink the warm milk and climb to bed You must be lying in the middle of the bed to feel the full effect of the spell. The pillows are recommended.
As you lie down, clear your mind of any concerns. At this point .. I absolutely have to warn you not to forget to brush your teeth and do all the preparations before bed. You are planning to sleep anyway right? Well, getting back to the supine position. Close your eyes and start imagining of red rose petals floating gently crimson and circling, gently carried by the wind to the clear blue sky on a cool day and cloudless. Reciting quietly following:
"Roses in the air ...
candle in the wind ...
let your feelings show ...
let love begin ... ".
Continue singing until the fate begins to take effect.
Other Black magic spells that are invoked, celuiBlack magicci gives a pretty powerful punch! After several minutes of singing, you should begin to feel a very relaxing feeling as if your body is weakened and you are drifting slowly, like rose petals in your own dream world. This sleeping spell should allow you to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. If this does not work, just take one tablet of 10 mg of diazepam. That should do the trick.
Just a note to potential caster: it is a sleeping spell autoBlack magicinduit. The process will be very different when applied to others. In addition, Black magic spells of this type are only recommended if the pitcher who relies on is about to sleep more than 8 hours. Anything less would not be desirable and could potentially be hazardous to health. Finally, it is wise to consider that even if the Black magic spells can be effective, it is not advisable to use them on a regular basis.

AvezBlack magicvous ever wondered how to break a love spell? If you want to break a love spell done by you or by someone else for you, there are many reasons why it may be important for you to learn how to break a tie of love. In this article you will learn some simple ways to undo spells. But beware, this does not mean you have to do and undo the spell as a game, because sometimes it can bring you unwanted consequences How to have a love spell made by another person
As I said above, for those who want to know how to undo a spell of love, is an example of Black magic will work. What you need:
• 3 cloves of garlic.
• Some chamomile.
• 1 white candle.
• Water.
• Glass.
• A picture of you or the person who made the stowage.
Let's see how to break a spell with the following:
Light the white candle and meditate on the fate of love. If you make this Black magic for vousBlack magicmême, so imagine that you will feel more love for that person and you feel free from her or his fate.
Say the following verse 16 again: ".. Free of the spell when the candle is burned free of that of Black magic, happens"
Combine all ingredients in the jar. While you concentrate on the fate of love, instead the picture in the jar. While the candle is still burning, bury the bottle on the floor. Make this Black magic during the waning moon for best results.
A quick way to break a love spell
You must have a picture of two lovers. With scissors, cut each digit. Then you have to put the two figures, bending images several times. Now burn the paper until it is completely absorbed.
If you think a wizard or witch has put a Black magic curse on you, your home, or your family, make it out to help you break a love spell. You should try it at any time of the year. Light a new white candle and let it burn some of the following materials in a container Fireproof: nails, bluebells, lilac, pine or sage. With this application break the spell.

All rites and rituals are free and each of us has the power within to create a book of personal and free Black magic spells that are unique to us. There is never any need to pay someone else to do the Black magic for us and it is worth knowing that the rituals we create and practice nousBlack magicmêmes are more powerful than any another designed for us by someone else.